Friday, September 10, 2010

yes, I am a fabricoholic

Yes, I confess that I am a bit of a fabricoholic. Now I do actually use the fabric that I purchase so maybe it is OK that I also really enjoy purchasing it. But when I can find a fabric store--I do have to "visit" it. Ahh--if only I could "visit" it and leave my check book in the car. Of course such is not the case.

Recently I was  down in Pennsylvania doing the Long's Park Art and Craft Show in Lancaster, PA. So after the show was over, I just HAD to go to the People's Place Quilt Museum in Intercourse, PA. Now for those who don't know, this area is the center of the Amish quilts in the area. Indeed you pass a lot of buggies on the street. Some of the young Amish men even use bicycles or those little push scooters--I am not sure what they are called--to get around.

Most of the quilts now are made for commercial sale. There is a definitely a "country" look to many of them.  But still I do have to check them out. Besides, I do have an excuse for stopping by. Walking up the stairs to the Museum Shop there is a familiar look to the landing. Hmm!!

Yes, that is my quilt in the picture as well. I chat with Carol Martin the wonderful manager of the Museum Shop. We compare notes about comments that customers make about my work. The questions are usually the same and our answers are just variations on the same theme. My favorite story is when I was doing a presentation to a local quilt guild. At the end of the talk I was taking questions. One woman raised her hand and explained that she had seen work very similar to mine down in Pennsylvania--was this the inspiration for my work? I told her it was my work. Carol and I both smiled at that story.

Indeed the Shop has a selection of my quilts for sale as well as some other pieces.

Look familiar? But then I must go into the Museum itself. There are some wonderful quilts there--some traditional and some more contemporary. Again there is a familiar look to the Museum.

This quilt is distant trees. Nice location, right? Isn't that ribbon quilt in the background fascinating? There are some wonderful tumbling blocks pieces also. Here is a contemporary piece that I like. I am not sure who made it but if you visit you can find out.

Another favorite is the display areas with the miniature quilts. For instance look at this tableau. To me who works in a larger format, I am constantly amazed by how tiny and perfect the little blocks are. Sweet isn't it?

But I cannot linger. I must go down stairs and shop until I drop. There is lots and lots of fabric here.
This is just part of the store.

I am here on a mission.  I pile up all that interest me. I grab what interests me--even get a few bargains--which I pull out and then take to the table for cutting. The ones on top are mine.

I know I need lots of teals, turquoise and sea greens for a quilt I am making. These are hard colors to find so I grab all that I see. Here is a selection.

Two big bags of fabric and I leave--my check book quite a bit lighter. My stash pile much much bigger. Now I can start the big quilt. What fun. It is probably good that I only visit once a year. Maybe there is such a thing as too much fabric. Not sure about that though.

And yes, I do make a quick trip to Zook's while I was in town. However, you should be proud of me--I did drive by several other fabric shops. Even I had reached my limit. And you--do you have a limit as to how much fabric you need? Do you have any favorite fabric shops to share?


  1. I had a similar experience this weekend at an open studio tour in my home. I had the recent AQS magazine opened to an article I had written(Hollywood Quilts). Many people commented " oh , you made the quilt from the magazine" and I said, "No, the picture in the magazine is of this quilt!" It was too fun!

    Love your quilts!

  2. Great story Heather. People are funny, aren't they. Congrats on your article.