flames and circles

Finally, I get a moment to start to add some new quilts to my pages. The first one is "mountain, tree and sun". At 40x40" it represents a perfect day on the meadow as the colors almost dance against the sky. At least that is how I see it.

mountain, tree and sun--40x40"--copyright Ann Brauer 2017--image by John Polak

Here are some other quilts. The first is called "two suns". I love the imaginary world and great colors it creates.

two suns--quilt--ann brauer--2016

Then there is "prairie sun." Can you guess I grew up on a farm in the Midwest.

prairie sun--quilt--ann brauer--2016

And there is also the ocean with the sun reflecting on the water.

ocean sunrise--quilt--ann brauer--2016

Another newer quilt is "abstractions on the night."  Perhaps the moon above the horizon?

abstractions on the night--quilt--40x40 inches--ann brauer--2016
This quilt is already sold. "Desert days."

Desert days--37x47 inches--quilt--ann brauer--2016
Then there are some slightly earlier "Flames". Don't you love the organic curves in this quilt.

scenes from the beach--quilt--24x40"--Ann Brauer

red flame--13x60"--quilt--Ann Brauer

autumn splendor--45x45"--quilt--Ann Brauer--SOLD

pluto is a planet--40x40 inches--Ann Brauer--2015

sunrise--30x80 inches--Ann Brauer 2015

distant fire--37.5x80 inches--quilt--Ann Brauer--2015--SOLD

blood moon--40x40inches--SOLD--Ann Brauer

moon rays--40x40"--Ann Brauer--2015

blood moon rays--40x80"--Ann Brauer--2015
Another new quilt is red sun. Aren't the colors wonderful?

red sun--40x40"--Ann Brauer--2015

This is one of my new circles. I call it--"green circle". It is 40x40 inches.

green circle--40x40 inches--quilt--Ann Brauer--$1800
 And a detail.

detail--green circle--quilt--Ann Brauer

And the red circle which is available at the Salmon Falls Gallery in Shelburne Falls.

red circle--40x40 inches--quilt--Ann Brauer--SOLD

Isn't the "blue circle" stunning? I framed this one for a more formal look.

blue circle--40x40"--quilt--Ann Brauer

Three new "flames". These could be table runners or they could be used as wall art either sold separately or as an arrangement. At 12 x 60 inches there are lots of places they will fit.

three flames--each 12 x 60 inches--quilt--Ann Brauer
And of course they can be hung the other direction also.

three flames--each 12 x 60"--quilt--Ann Brauer
This one is "blue flame." It is about 38x100 inches long. Don't you love how the flames waft and spire into wonderful delicate wisps? All images are by my wonderful  photographer John Polak.

blue dream--quilt--38x100"--Ann Brauer

And a detail.

blue dream--quilt--Ann Brauer 2015

This wonderful triptych is called "carnivale". It is about 40x40 inches although the size can vary depending on the arrangement you use.

carnivale--40x40 inches--quilt--Ann Brauer

This lovely quilt is "rhubarb fire." It already has a wonderful home. It was about 38 x 42 inches.

rhubarb fire--38x42"--Ann Brauer--2015--$1200

Another long blue hanging. This one is 13 x 80". Don't you love how it is almost a mirror image?

long blue hanging--13x80"--quilt--Ann Brauer

This one is "summer skies".

summer skies--42x38"--Ann Brauer--SOLD


  1. Just beautiful! Do you mount the, on black canvas or do you bind them in black. It makes them pop, just that little bit of black.

    1. Thanks. It is a black binding. I agree--I love how it makes the quilts pop.

  2. Do you teach classes? Your quilts are beautiful! Daveandlo@comcast.net

  3. Oh yes, please, teach a class on this technique. I have to learn to make one.

  4. I love your new style. They are all beautify crafted. Better than little squares!

  5. If you do an Etsy class on this technique, I'm sure it would be a hit! your work with colors is incredible, and those curves... they are just magic!..

  6. Your work is so inspiring. I particularly love the flame quilts and Blood Moon.

  7. I'm interested in using your technique using my father's neckties as the fabric and maybe some hand embroidery. I'm not a quilter but I want to use it as a wall hanging.