Available works

The works I have available are constantly changing. Please contact me for availability and details. I am constantly sending work to shows, getting work returned from shows and making new pieces.  I can also make a quilt for you in the colors and sizes that work best.  I do a number of fine craft shows each year. In addition I do have many of the works posted on my Etsy Shop:

mountain, tree and sun--40x40"--Ann Brauer 2017--image by John Polak

rainbows of autumn--45x45"--quilt--$1400--ann brauer--SOLD

September fields--96x96 inches--Ann Brauer--SOLD

summer on the prairie--38x38"--Ann Brauer--$775
the definition of red--45x45"--Ann Brauer--$1500

pink butterflies--quilt--24x48"--Ann Brauer

colors of summer--about 45x60"--Ann Brauer--

late summer--quilt--45x45"--Ann Brauer--SOLD
early summer--quilt--45x45"--at a gallery

summer comes to the mountain--32x48"--Ann Brauer--SOLD
desert sun--32x48"--quilt--Ann Brauer

rainbows of the dawn--quilt--45x45"--Ann Brauer

purple mountains--45x45"--quilt--Ann Brauer

after the storm--32x48"--Ann Brauer

desert door--45x45"--quilt--Ann Brauer

orange river--45x45"--quilt--Ann Brauer

the definition of red--45x45"--quilt--Ann Brauer--SOLD

Winter light--99x99"--quilt by Ann Brauer--$3500

endless fields--99x99"--quilt by Ann Brauer $5000

colors of April--36x60"--custom order--Ann Brauer

Falling stars--45x45"--quilt by Ann Brauer--SOLD

Golden dawn--45x45"--Quilt by Ann Brauer

clouds--45x45"--SOLD--Ann Brauer
Gentle dawn--45 x 45 Inches--quilt by Ann Brauer--
At Salmon Falls Artisan Showroom
The break of dawn--quilt by Ann Brauer--45 x 45"--SOLD
into the mist--45 x 45"--quilt by Ann Brauer--clearance--$800

red sky--32 x 48 " SOLD

                                           light in the forest--45 x 45 inches--SOLD


reflections on the night--45 x 45"--$1200--quilt by Ann Brauer

hidden lake--45x43"--quilt by Ann Brauer SOLD

october dawn-46 x 62 inches--$1600
capturing the sky--45x45"--quilt--Ann Brauer--SOLD

                                               rainbows of summer--99 x 99 inches--SOLD

the edge of the field--SOLD--Ann Brauer--quilt