My new studio

I am so excited that I am rebuilding my studio at 2 Conway Street in Shelburne Falls, MA. The new building will be two stories with the studio on the first floor and a two bedroom rental on the second floor. I absolutely love my new studio. I chose a wonderful garden green for the outside.

2 Conway Street--Shelburne Falls--Ann Brauer
Isn't the building wonderful?

Ann Brauer Quilt Studio--Shelburne Falls, MA
The view from the studio is so wonderful with the sweep of the river.

Deerfield River--Shelburne Falls--Ann Brauer
And across the river--even in early spring. Mount Massamont rises so protectively over the Deerfield River.

Deerfield River--Shelburne Falls--across from Ann Brauer Quilt Studio

Sometimes the Mt Massemet is almost hidden in the mist.

View from Ann Brauer Quilt Studio--mist on the Deerfield River

And sometimes there is even a rainbow.

View from Ann Brauer Quilt Studio--Shelburne Falls, MA. With rainbow.

Of course the inside of the space is awesome. Here is my work area.

Studio--Ann Brauer Quilt Studio--Shelburne Falls

I have wonderful light for my sewing machine. North and east light is the best. In summer I feel like I am surrounded by green.

Studio--Ann Brauer Quilt Studio--Shelburne Falls

My sewing machine is a reconditioned vintage Singer 281-3 that survived floating. I design my quilts around my machine.

Sewing machine--studio--Ann Brauer Quilt Studio--Shelburne Falls

The display are is wonderful too. This is the back wall. As you can tell, I take full advantage of my 10 feet walls. The floor is polished concrete.

Studio--Ann Brauer Quilt Studio--Shelburne Falls

Another view of my studio with my sewing machine. I love studying what I have done as I make more quilts.

Ann Brauer Quilt Studio--March 12, 2016. I love the view from my studio.
And here are some images of the construction process


  1. Great location and space. You are so lucky to be able to support yourself with your quilt art. Love the colour!

  2. I love your work. Your new studio is great with a very nice view. There is a lot to love in vintage Singers. I sew on several also. Looking forward to your next creations.

  3. What a wonderful work space and wonderful location/view. I love your work. Best of luck in the future!

  4. I hope to visit your space one day. And I hope to one day commission you to make a Blood Moon piece for me. I have had my eyes on it for years! One day... :)