Small works

This is a selection of the smaller works that I have available. These are all cotton machine pieced and quilted using a cotton batting and hand finished. The colors may vary slightly. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.  Some of my small works are also on my new Etsy site.

A study in black, white and red. About 12 x 48". Yes, I wanted to go back to my roots, so to speak.

study in black, white and red--12x48"--Ann Brauer  SOLD

And another one in stripes:

study in stripes--12x48"--Ann Brauer $400

 These small purses are 8x8" and use the thin piecing that I am known for. What fun I am having. There is a strap for hanging and a button closure.

Purse---olive green and red--8x8"--$70--Ann Brauer

Purse--black and white--8x8"--$70--Ann Brauer

Purse--grey and red--8x8"--$70--Ann Brauer

Purse--blue and chartreuse--8x8"--$70--Ann Brauer

The eyeglass cases are a generous 3x6" with a button closure and protect most glasses from scratches and dust. The back is black. Other colors are available.
eyeglass case--$24--Ann Brauer

eyeglass cases--$24 each--Ann Brauer

The pillows are approximately 16 x 16 "--cotton with cotton batting. The back of the pillow is a plain cotton fabric with a zipper closure. They are overstuffed and pleasantly plump. The pillows are $110 each plus shipping and tax. They can be custom ordered.

pillow--overstuffed--about 16x16"--$110

pillow--overstuffed--about 16x16"--Ann Brauer $110

pillow--overstuffed--about 16x16"--Ann Brauer $110

Pillows--16x16 inches--Ann Brauer @$110

 I love these long wall hangings. Doesn't the fine strips make the colors just glow?
rainbows of autumn--12x80"--Ann Brauer--$600

Study in autumn--quilt by Ann Brauer--12 x 40 "--SOLD
Study in blue--copyright Ann Brauer 2012--12 x 40 "--$270
Placemats are about 13 x 19 inches and have a polyester batting made for placemats. They can be washed in a large washing machine using a gentle detergent and cold water. They can then be tumbled dry at a cool temperature. I make them in many colors. Here are a few selections:

Royal blue placemat--$40 each--Ann Brauer

French blue placemat--$40 each--Ann Brauer

Grey placemat--$40 each--Ann Brauer