Tuesday, June 9, 2020

thinking about tomorrow

It all began with one quilt "ocean sunrise" and a decision I had made a few months ago to use it for an ad I was running. After all it was a cheerful calm quilt that made a statement and that would fit in so many locations. Indeed, even before the ad ran I had sold that quilt. OK--I could make other variations on the theme. Why not?

ocean sunrise--37 x 47 inches--ann brauer 2019

Then of course my life and the lives of everyone else got turned upside down by the pandemic. I was depressed and feeling lost for the first week or so. Should I make masks--there was a definite need for them but my sewing machine was not right for that project.) Should I make political quilts about the virus and deal with my fears that way?  Then as luck would have it, the promoters of the craft show where I had run the initial ad decided to use the internet to support their artists. (Thanks Paradise City.)

And soon I got a phone call from a wonderful woman who needed a bit of cheer. After some discussion I agreed to make her a smaller version of "ocean sunrise." What a relief it was to have a purpose. I called this quilt "thinking about tomorrow" to relay the optimism that we can indeed make it through this. At least that is my hope.

thinking about tomorrow--32x48 inches--ann brauer 2020

The ad also resulted in a customer needing "that evening in July." I was on a roll. A series was being born.

that evening in July--quilt--Ann Brauer--40 x 40 inches

Next was another custom order "one morning in June" to hang in a specific place among other lovely works of art. Don't you love the colors?

one morning in June--Ann Brauer 2020--quilt--30 x 40 inches

Oh so many designs danced through my head. All I could do was snag one from that nether space and start sewing. Most of them I made smaller so I could finish them more quickly. The object was to tell a story then move on to the next one. After all I had a purpose.

There was "the clouds will lift" about that break in the storm where there is just the hint of sun to give you that feeling of hope.

the clouds will left--24 x 40 inches--ann brauer 2020

"Anticipation" was a dance of light in the sky just before the sun--or is it the moon--rose. What fun I had playing with these shapes.

anticipation--ann brauer 2020--24 x 40 inches

"The promise of tomorrow" is just a happy quilt. Don't we all need to be happy sometimes.

the promise of tomorrow--24 x 40 inches--annbrauer 2020

And "summertime" is my most recently finished quilt. The one that tries to capture the warmth and comfort of the sky on that perfect day in summer.

summertime--30 x 40 inches--Ann Brauer 2020

A series was born. Indeed I know there is more to come as I am piecing the next quilt in the series which I think will be called "the edge of autumn"--but you will have to wait to see that one. What fun to see these quilts all together--too bad they take so long. And beyond that--there are so many more quilts I want to make so stay tuned. I usually post them on my Etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop and frequently add them to my Instagram posts. And now my studio is open--or should I say OPEN--if you happen to be in Shelburne Falls.


  1. I always love looking at your quilts, they do give a sense of hope of what is coming or what is just over the horizon.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous. It was a breath of fresh air to read this after a discouraging bout of reading the news, specifically damage and killings in Chicago.
    I purchased a quilt from you at the Baltimore Craft Show and I smile every time I look at it. Your work is really great.

  3. Ann, this whole series is wonderful. And I'm so glad it all began with Paradise City! I'm happy to share this blog post on Paradise City's social media, and I do hope it brings you many more devoted collectors. Cheers on your studio opening up! Linda