Friday, February 5, 2016

the quilts of Ann Brauer--blue hearts for February edition

It hardly see like February at all here. We just missed the snow that hit the mid-Atlantic states (I literally saw one flurry and a dusting about two miles south of my studio) and now we are having mud season if you can believe it. I guess you just never know do you. Anyway it allows me time to work in the studio. I am almost done with my orders and have started working on new quilts for Baltimore. I do love it when I get to show my new quilts off to visitors.

Here are a couple of them hanging up in my studio. What do you think?

Ann Brauer--quilt studio--2016

And of course I am trying to make more table runners and glass cases in the colors that keep selling. Don't you just love this blue one? Doesn't it remind you of spring?

blue river--13x40"--Ann Brauer 2016

In my spare time I have been looking through my studio finding older quilts that could use a good home. Many of them are tagged with a postcard that lists their new price. I must say I was feeling generous to my customers when I marked some of them down. The next time you are in Shelburne Falls you might want to drop by and see what I have. Meanwhile my friends up at Salmon Falls Artisan Showroom are having a blue heart sale February 12-15 to celebrate the opening of the Blue Rock Restaurant in their new home just up the hill from my studio. I reduced the price of my work up there by 20% since I need to replenish my stock but do come down to my studio and twist my arm if there is something you want that is not already on sale.

detail--blue city--Ann Brauer--quilt

My booth number for the Baltimore show is 1201. For further information about that show or to pre-purchase tickets check out their website  The website for the Salmon Falls Artisan Gallery is  And of course you can always check out my work on my Etsy shop 

May the rest of your winter have just the right amount of snow and sunshine and may the crocuses appear early and bright.