Tuesday, October 29, 2013

the quilts of Ann Brauer--boo!!

OK--after a wonderful and prolonged early fall we do have just a hint of that s*** word in the forecast.  I doubt if it will come to anything. This is October after all. But I am leaving for the Washington Craft Show tomorrow morning--yikes is it early this year, I just had to write before Halloween.

Yes, as those who have been following me on Facebook know, my new building is coming along. It has a roof and the awning over the ramp is now covered although I am still waiting for the floor to be installed. I guess patience is a virtue although perhaps not my best attribute.

Anyhow I will be at the Washington Craft Show this November 1-3 at the Walter Washington Convention Center. This has got to be one of the most beautiful and sophisticated shows I I do. So much amazing work that I am constantly in awe of. If you get a chance do come by and see it. Note that on Friday November 1 from 6-8 tickets are only $6. What a bargain. And for those who asked, I will bring a couple dozen potholders--just ask. Also lots of eyeglass cases, purses, potholders, etc. And a few absolutely wonderful quilts and wall hangings. I do hope to see some of you there.

Once I return from that show I will be at the studio working hard. Moonlight Magic is scheduled for November 29th I believe--the Friday after Thanksgiving from 4 until I go home. And of course you can check out the progress of my building if you are in town.

And for those who can't make it to DC or Shelburne Falls, I have been working on my Etsy site. Indeed the Quilt of the Month--after the storm--is posted there. You know the routine. There is one quilt. It goes to the first person who buys it. Shipping will be after I return from the Washington Show. This is an image of the quilt hanging in the studio. For the next ten days or until purchased, this quilt which had been listed for $820 is only $450 plus shipping. Here is my Etsy shop where you can purchase it: 


Next month I will be at CraftBoston at the Hynes December 6-8. Otherwise I should be working in the studio--though do call first if you are coming from a distance.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

wordless Wednesdays--the melancholy of autumn

A gentle sky. The leaves softly float to the ground. And still there are the subtle, almost wistful colors of autumn. So many variations. So much to absorb. The sadness of hydrangeas. The final glory of peonies. Hostas sinking back to earth. The longing of distant trees. So much to see. So few words. Let me begin.


What do you think? What colors do you long for?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Third times the charm

Done. Finally done. Oh how I do love to hang a new quilt up so I can admire it.  What a feeling of relief and satisfaction that finally it works. Looks good, doesn't it?

Gentle ocean--quilt--32x48"--Ann Brauer

And yet, if you are like me, you don't even want to think about how long it takes to go from the concept to the finished quilt. This time I was really racing. After all, the Washington Craft Show is November 1-3 at the DC Convention Center. How soon that seems. How nervous I always get before this show. So much incredibly beautiful--dare I say it--breathtaking work there. I want to make sure I show my very best side. Here is the website if you are in the area: http://www.craftsamericashows.com/WASH_main.htm

So I start with the concept. The first few blocks are easy this time.

Maybe too easy.

A row or two a day. The quilt seems to be falling into place. Until I look at the finished sketch.

Yes, there is a problem. That bottom row. Isn't it too dark, too sultry for the quilt. Of course I go home for the day. Maybe over night it will resolve itself, right?

But no. It is still wrong. I make several blocks in softer browns. Is that the answer?

Does that help? Better. But still not really the answer, is it? Time to go home again. Think some more. Maybe the answer is right under my nose. Maybe the problem is the brown. What about green? Would that give the quilt the lightness I want? I pin up some fabric. Think. Ponder. Finish more eyeglass cases. Well, the only way out is to try.

Yes Yes Yes. Of course I still have to sew the quilt together. Ugh.  And I do need to resolve the color and size of the orange block. But that is another story. Or rather a variation of the story that I just told which I am sure you do not need to hear again. So now I get to begin the process again. Work on another quilt. And patiently try to explain how long it really takes to make a quilt.

Does this ever happen to you? What is your solution when it just doesn't look right? And will I get to see any of you at the Washington Craft Show or maybe CraftBoston in December or the studio?

Saturday, October 5, 2013

the quilts of Ann Brauer--autumn leaves

Yes, October is speeding by. The leaves out here are turning the most wonderful golds, rusts and really bright reds. My garden is awash in leeks, celeriac, parsley, peppers, tomatillas and tomatoes. Our three pumpkins--boo, Boo and BOO are sitting on the porch. And most importantly, we have a new kitten. Black with white paws and a white underbelly. She is absolutely darling as she chases her tail around and around the living room floor.

Meanwhile I have been busy in the studio finishing my fall orders, showing my quilts to the many tourists in town--this year they seem to be coming from Japan, Germany and Canada as well as many from the States. Amazing how the colors that surround me influence the quilts that I make. Don't  these placemats just glow with the colors of autumn?

Gold placemat--13x19"--Ann Brauer

Now onto the news. Next week-end I will be showing at the Paradise City Arts Festival in Northampton, MA October 12-14. For those who have been this is an event not to be missed with more than 260 top artists including fine crafts, jewelry, painting and of course the amazing sculpture garden. In addition several of Northampton's best restaurants will be serving food--I do spend more time eating there than perhaps I should. And there is great music in the food tent daily. I am Booth 924 in the Main Building right by the food tent--as I said the food is good. For more information and discounted tickets go to www.paradisecityarts.com  And needless to say--the studio will be closed October 11-14 as I set up and show in Northampton.

Later in this month I will be driving to the Washington Craft Show at the Convention Center in Washington, DC. This year the show is early--November 1-3 but promises to be as spectacular as ever and should provide some escape from the drama that exists. But enough about that.  I will write more about this show later this month but for more info: www.washingtoncraftshow.com

And hopefully next week I should see more progress on my building. It can take a while apparently to get the plumbers. Sigh.

Now for the Quilt of the Month. This month I chose "Red sky". It is a quilt I made in magentas and teals that captures the moment when the sun bursts above the horizon. The quilt itself is 32x48". Normally it is $800 but for the next ten days or until sold it is $400 plus tax and shipping. I did list it on my Etsy shop so if you are interested do check it out here or feel free to contact me with questions.

red sky--32x48"--quilt--Ann Brauer

If I am not at a show, I should be working in my studio though as you can tell from this letter, do contact me first if you are coming from a distance. And I do have some of my smaller items--eyeglass cases, pillows and purses posted on my Etsy shop if you want. www.etsy.com/shop/AnnBrauer

Hope you all enjoy the colors of the season.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

toward a better image of the dahlias

OK--you all probably know that great saying. How do you get  to Carnegie Hall? Of course the answer is "Practice". Well after my last post on dahlias, I decided  I should try taking some better images of the dahlias on the Bridge of Flowers in Shelburne Falls, MA.

Now it did not  help the last time that I was carrying a cup of coffee and a treat from McCuskers as I hurried across the Bridge to open my studio. In fairness I had not expected the dahlias to be so magnificent but I am not sure that is an excuse.

In any case, I took a bit more time yesterday. So without further ado:

So what do you think? Still room for improvement. Especially my views of the dahlias and the Bridge. Nice but could be even better.

Fun though. Do you ever do this--take a lot of images to try to get the right one? Any hints? And by the by, these were taken with my iPhone.