Wednesday, October 31, 2012

the quilts of Ann Brauer--Frankenstorm edition

Well I hope everyone survived Sandy OK. If not you do have my most heartfelt best wishes.

For me the worst part was the wait. Yes, we stocked up on water, food, batteries. My DH rigged up a radio that ran off a tractor battery--he is indeed very clever. I made chili and chicken soup and apple brown betty. Our top wind was 48 MPH--yes a few windows rattled. But our power only flickered once or twice. Outside one 100 year old pine tree fell. Yes, I know--high class worries.

I had already packed my van for the Fine Furnishings Show at the Pawtucket Armory in Rhode Island November 2-4. While I have never done this show before it has a good reputation, the building looks fabulous and the show promoter has worked tirelessly. It is actually not that far from many places in eastern Massachusetts. Yes, this was the Providence Furniture Show but it moved a few miles away. For more information

Then it is off to the Washington Craft Show at the Convention Center November 16-18. What fun it will be showing off my new work and display at a site which I feel was just made for this look. I am in Booth 602 so do look for me. For more information:

And in between I will be working very hard at the studio to prepare for CraftBoston in December at the Cycloramo. I also should have an article on doing the thin piecing coming out in Quilting Arts at the beginning of December.

Meanwhile do stay safe. I hope to see some of you in the next couple of months.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

absorbing the colors

Yes, it is near the end of October. Sure I am busy preparing for upcoming shows: The Fine Furnishings Show November 2-4 at the Pawtucket Armory and The Washington Craft Show at the Washington Convention Center November 16-18. But still sometimes I just have to go outside and soak in all the lush rich colors of autumn in so many combinations, if you know what I mean.

So without further ado--since it is almost wordless Wednesday--what, me wordless .

And for more information on the shows:

Thursday, October 11, 2012

going for it--the evolution of a new quilt

I remember reading once--I think it was Stephen Jay Gould--who wrote that evolution comes in tiny steps and also grand leaps and bounds. Isn't that the same for making quilts? Some times I feel I am making variations on a theme. Solidifying the themes and language that I use to make the quilts. Other times I feel I am pushing myself. Trying something new and different. The quilts just seem to flow out of me even though I am not sure where they come from.

I know this summer I was working on a new quilt with the thin strips. You know how enchanted I am by the colors I can create using very tiny strips of fabric. So intense and such gradations. A new language that I must struggle to master. Yes, it is hard but the richness to the quilt draws me forward. Don't you just love these oranges and reds. The greens and yellows that move through this piece.

But I must push it further. I want a story. A movement. A contrast. So I added the black and white stripes. Like the beat of the drum. The contrast that defined the color. With just a hint of the color. That little riff that draws the quilt together. What fun I had.

Where though did this come from? Was there a story or was it too buried that it was just an exercise in color and design? I remembered the October snowstorm last year. What a surprise that was. Luckily we were OK. The yellow and red leafs of the maples had fallen. The glowing beech leaves and the deep reds of the oaks still showed color against the dark of the tree limbs.

Was that it? Does it matter? Where is this going? I have the quilt hanging by my sewing machine right now so I can study it and learn. I love the adventure when something takes me further. After all, isn't this why I make quilts? Isn't this the fun of it? Does this happen to you? How do you make leaps?

Monday, October 1, 2012

color on the mountain

After finishing the large quilt, I need color. Gone are the greys from my palette. I want soft oranges, greens, and yellow. Walking in the woods I see the brilliant yellow of mushrooms--not for eating but for soaking in the splash and complexity of color.

Underneath my feet a red elf hides in the leaf litter with only its tail disclosing the presence.

Yes, I can feel my own yearning for color. The pentimento of autumn as nature displays its vibrant nature before the long cold winter. There is something about teal that inspires me. Such a complex color of yearning.  Amazing how colors can affect us, isn't it?

Yes, it needs to be grounded. No pun intended. But a rich brown does anchor us, doesn't it?

Still though there is the light. Driving home through the woods there is the glow of sun slanted now at its angle glowing through the yellows and golds? A certain feeling even in the fog and mist we have been having recently.

Yes, I think these colors will work. Now to finish the quilt. Piecing the colors one at a time. Just right. Complex like the colors of autumn. Hmm. I can't wait to add few more rows. Then sew it together. Perfect for the Paradise City Arts Festival, isn't it? Should be peak season this week-end I think.  Amazing how the colors of the season influence me. Does this happen to you too? What do you think? Will I see you there?