Thursday, July 2, 2015

the quilts of Ann Brauer--July 18 ArtWalk

Dear all,

It seems amazing that it is summer already. First it was hot and dry in May. Yes, I had to figure out which precious new plants would get the water from the shower as I tried to keep them all going. Then June brought rain and lots of it. The weeds are doing very well in my garden as the straw mulch I applied in May had lots of grass seeds. Oh well, it is always something.

Meanwhile I am enjoying my new studio even more than I thought I would. It is hard to believe that I have now been in it for more than a year. And today actually began my 34th year of supporting myself making quilts. How time flies.

My new studio continues to inspire me to more and more quilts based on my flames and circles theme. Indeed I often have problems trying to figure out which one to make next. I have decided to treat myself by displaying most of the new pieces in my studio in a mini-show I am calling Circle and Flames during the Shelburne Falls Art Walk this July 18. I am quite curious to see what the grouping will look like and I can't wait to get your comments either. Indeed, having my gallery walls covered with my new quilts is a secret dream of mine I have had for several years--here's hoping it works.
If you happen to be in the Village then I hope you will drop by and say hi. The Walk runs between 4 and 8 pm and most other galleries in town will also be open. The Bridge of Flowers is  absolutely spectacular this year.

green circle--40x40 inches--quilt--Ann Brauer

Of course if you are in town some other day, I should be open--although do call or e-mail first if you are coming from a distance. I am usually closed on Tuesdays.

three flames--each 12 x 60 inches--quilt--Ann Brauer

If you are in town some other day, I will probably be there working on more quilts (although you might want to call if coming from a distance).  August 12-14 I will be doing the Berkshire Craft Show at Monument Mountain High School in Great Barrington. This show always has some wonderful work. For more information:  The American Craft Exposition in Evanston this year will be in September in Glencoe--but more of that later.

Of course you can follow me on Facebook or Instagram to see more of my latest creations. And I continue to post on Etsy for those who live at a distance.

Have a great summer. I hope to see some of you.