Saturday, September 4, 2010

circles--my view from the show

One of the things I love to do most at a craft show is getting to know the work of my neighbors. While I spent most of my day at the Long's Park show discussing my work with customers--and even selling a few pieces--I did notice that this year those whose work was across from me were concentrating on circles--or maybe that is just what I noticed since I usually work in  horizons.

First was the potter Paul Jeselskis. What great colorful work. Oh there are several pieces that I want to take home with me. Isn't it wonderful. Simple but elegant circles. Probably what got me thinking about circles. Oh I hope I have a few more days like yesterday--there are a couple of pieces I long for. His web site is a work in progress but he can be reached using if you can't make it to the show.

Chuck Kaiser's work was supposed to be right next to me but there was a shrub in the way so instead I get to look at it across the aisle. From a distance I was a bit puzzled by his wonderful strong forms but up close this work is truly amazing. Contemporary American batik with incredible detail and colors. When I asked him about circles he explained that once he started to read Joseph Campbell, he fell in love with the completeness of the circle. Each piece is different and really strong. Unfortunately my camera captured a bit of the reflection from the picture glass--but the images do come through. Check out his website at

Directly across from me are the prints of Ausrine Kerr--a most interesting person who is originally from Lithuania. She also does leatherwork and makes wearable clothes although those are not at this show. Her prints to retain the textures of both of these medium. Again. My images are not good but if you are in the Lancaster area it is worth a visit to the show just to ask her about her images. Here are a couple of details from her work.

My favorite pieces are the ones she made for an exhibit at the Lithuanian Cultural Center. As she described them, each component of the piece has different symbolic meaning and textures representing the feelings of Lithuania. My images didn't work--maybe today I'll try taking some more. The work is incredible and worth close examination. Her web site includes her leather and fiber work but not the prints. Do check it out though.

And now I must go set up for another day. More thoughts about circles. Hopefully I won't have a chance to talk with my neighbors much but you can see if the show slows down I have lots to study and absorb.

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