Friday, May 30, 2014

the quilts of Ann Brauer--the good news, bad news move

Well I did it. Or at least the first half of it. Yes, I have moved my work out of 6 Bridge Street with the help of my DH and a couple of great friends. Yes, I will be sad to leave this space I called home for almost three years. And yes, it does look a bit empty and vacant. Oh well.

And we did manage to get my quilts into my new studio at 2 Conway Street. Yeah!!! But--for the bad news. Of course they are not finished at 2 Conway Street. Isn't that always the way it is with construction. I do confess that with my possessions coming in I have never seen so many trucks working there to get it done. Sigh. Yes, I feel a bit like one of those reality TV shows where they build a home in seven days. Workers all over the place. The anxiety of getting it complete. Except as I remind myself frequently, at my studio every one is working with all deliberate speed. The studio looks wonderful. Even the railings on the walk were hand built to just the right size and look spectacular. And the contractor, the crew and all of the subcontractors could not be nicer people to work around.

So I must be patient just a tad longer, I guess. I know I will be open for Riverfest which is the Saturday after tomorrow and should be ready for a few visitors by Monday. (My neighbor Lamson and Goodnow--the knife and kitchen supply store is having their annual tent sale then just in case you needed added incentive to come to the Falls. I even have another new neighbor--it is going to be a tea house/coffee house boutique just a couple houses down from me. Conway Street is hopping.)

And for those who want to see more, I have been going through my quilts as I pack and putting more of my old favorites on Clearance. That's what moving is all about, isn't it? So if you are interested--check my Etsy shop and keep checking back.  Once I get unpacked, I may find even more quilts that can be moved out.

rivers of autumn--quilt--45x45"--Ann Brauer

Finally I am hoping as I settle in to post more images of the space. If I can pull it together, the grand opening will be at the end of June. I will send out invites once I confirm it.

Well, enough for now. Do wish me well. I hope your spring is absolutely wonderful.

Ann Brauer
2 Conway Street
Shelburne Falls, MA 01370

413 834-3576(cell)

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