Monday, May 12, 2014

so close and yet....

I don't know about you--but sometimes I just wish there were some magic elves that would come and finish the quilt while I was asleep. There it sits on the design board. I know it is going to be glorious. And yet, there is so much work to do on it. I just want it DONE. Finished. I am ready for a new project.

Oh never let it be said that I am a patient person. Truth be told--I am not.

This was the case with the custom order I have been working on. You may remember. The custom order of the quilt--rainbow of dawn. Same colors. No green and little orange. Smaller. And more a horizontal quilt. Yes, it took me a while to get it to this point. I had a bit extra time and even started sewing it together. Doesn't it look so much more polished as a unit. And then it sat there.

rainbows of dawn--30x40"--quilt--Ann Brauer

Ugh. Well, there was nothing to do but work my way through this. It was a rainy day. The perfect day for such a project. So I pinned the next two blocks together.

rainbow of dawn--quilt--Ann Brauer
Sewed a preliminary seam.

rainbow of dawn--quilt--Ann Brauer

And then added the binding. I use strips of cotton fabric. Which I cut width of fabric. Although any thing you can needle easily will work.

rainbow of dawn--quilt--Ann Brauer
And press open. Then I check to make sure I have caught everything just right and whip stitch the binding in place. How nice it looks on the right side doesn't it?

rainbow of dawn--quilt--Ann Brauer

Sounds easy. Just repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

As an aside, I do get to play with colors and thoughts along the way. What would happen if I did not use the yellow, for instance. Something to ponder as I sew.

rainbow of dawn--quilt--Ann Brauer

Then I finish the bindings. Press again. Sign the quilt.  Sew on the Velcro. And finally hang it up.

Sounds easy, doesn't it? And truth be told, it is not hard. Just long. But one must keep going.

I guess that is part of life though, isn't it? Aren't there always some chores that just must be done in order to move on the next one?

rainbow of dawn--quilt--Ann Brauer

rainbow of dawn--quilt--Ann Brauer
Here's hoping the lovely customer likes the quilt half as much as I do. What do you think? How do you get through the more tedious tasks?

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