Thursday, May 8, 2014

that certain something

Now for those who follow my blog, I have been working on making a custom quilt for a wonderful collector of my art. It is a smaller version of rainbows of the dawn. Unfortunately for me, smaller does not always mean--easier. Because it is smaller, each wedge of fabric gains further importance.

Think of it. If one piece in a large quilt is not quite right--close but just a little off--it is not going to stand out. But if one piece of a small quilt is off, it will stand out.

This is especially true when I am adding those fabrics that add the "life" to the quilt. That certain je ne sais quoi. On a large quilt, I add lots of those fabrics and they fit in. But too many of them in a small quilt and they take over. Still I need some. After all I want the quilt to have a life. A bit of zing.

As always I tell myself to make what I know. So I add the purple at the bottom. Looks good doesn't it?

rainbow of dawn--Ann Brauer 2014
And the first row of magenta. Again it helps complete the quilt.

rainbow of dawn--Ann Brauer 2014
But look carefully. Because I did add a couple of prints to add sparkle. Can you tell?

rainbow of dawn--Ann Brauer 2014

Sure the colors are off in this image. But there is the pattern and the hint of yellows that help tie it together. And just a hint of blue "sky". Yes, the fabrics need to be used carefully.

Another row. And more hints. Not too much.

rainbow of dawn--Ann Brauer 2014

And so it continues. Do you see how the patterns add just that right amount of life to the quilt?

rainbow of dawn--Ann Brauer 2014

What do you think?  How do you add that zest to your work?

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