Thursday, May 1, 2014

the quilts of Ann Brauer--finally May

Sure spring has been very slow to come around here. The days are often cold and chilly. Even the forsythia seem late. But still I feel like dancing in the street. I just confirmed with my contractor that I can indeed move into my new studio at the end of May. How wonderful is that? I can hardly wait. Already the walls have been painted their first couple of coats of paint. So nice and bright it is inside with high ceilings. The views  of Mount Massamet are of course amazing. And yes, I am looking forward to watching the river flow by again.  The upstairs apartment is spectacular. (Yes, it is available for rent in case you know anyone interested.)

But enough for now. I of course continue to work at 6 Bridge Street. This Saturday is the first of the Art Walks in Shelburne Falls. I will be open all day from 10 until 8 so if you are planning on coming to Shelburne Falls do drop by and say hi. I know I will find even more old favorites that I don't want to move to tempt you.

Meanwhile my views have inspired lots of new work. Recently I have redesigned my placemats to create the feeling of a river flowing across your table. What a simple graphic design and of course I am getting inspired to work in lots of new color combinations. Aren't these blue and golden brown placemats great?
placemats--blue and golden tan--13x19"--Ann Brauer 2014

And of course the blue and brown table runner that sort of matches. Yes, I intensely over quilted all the browns in these piece while letting the blue river flow freely.

blue river against brown--12x40"--Ann Brauer 2014
Of course I have also made it in wonderful blues:

blue river--12x40"--Ann Brauer 2014

And the grey and paprika. I just finished a purple and grey--spectacular. Now I am working on red and mauve. Oh I could continue but enough pictures for now. I am gradually posting them on my Etsy site. or if you need particular colors please just contact me.

Later this spring I will have the "opening" of my studio but if you are in Shelburne Falls, I will always make time to show you my work regardless of which studio I am in. Although do call first if you are coming from a distance just to make sure.

Enjoy spring.

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