Friday, March 30, 2012

the second time around

Oh how easy it was to make the quilt ancient light the first time. Well, it wasn't really easy--I had lots of thinking--lots of fabrics to audition. Design questions to address. The dark greys and plums, the light of the orange squares that glows against the changing colors. So many choices to make. But the first time I made it, I really did not know how it came together. Does this ever happen to you?

The second time though--especially when the colors and sizes are different--now that is harder--at least for me. I have to analyze the colors. What is the overall effect? How did I achieve it? I have to really get to know the quilt. Study it. Absorb the feeling. What is the essence of this piece?  How do I make it fit into the space? The customers are lovely people and so start I must.

The green and rusts comes together easily. How lovely it will look against the cherry bed.

But the three orange-red squares. Now that is the tricky part. In the original ancient light the squares had lots of gold but is that right here?

Won't the gold just emphasize the gold green of the new quilt? Let me start from scratch. I pin up a scrap from another project. Too dull isn't it? No zing.

Another scrap--is this closer?

Somewhat. Hard to imagine what it will look like as three larger blocks. I play with it. Hmm--is this too red? Too bright?

I don't like that broad swath of red--makes the overall quilt look dull. Try again. Remove a bit of the red--add a bit more rust. See what happens.

 Looks better. Let me begin piecing it in. What will the quilt look like when it is sewn together.

Interesting how it pops. I'm a bit worried about the pronounced line at the bottom of the block but that row is not sewn together yet. I think it will disappear in the seam allowance. What a difference 1/4 inch can make. Now to finish it. See what the three blocks look like as they change against the changing background. Study it.

Is the quilt right for the room? Should I make it again. I love the colors--so warm and rich. The rust against the green.  So intense. Is this what the customers want? Is there more to learn? What will the quilt look like when finished?

Does this happen to you? Do you find it hard to make a quilt--or any art--the second time? When do you quit learning from the piece? So many questions.


  1. Appreciate your sharing the thought / selection process (and the result is spot on). I miss working with fabrics and colors - need to resume PDQ.

    1. I hope you get to work with fabrics and colors soon Eileen.