Sunday, March 18, 2012

the joy of being an artist

Now usually I write about the process of making a quilt--all the small decisions that keep me up at night wondering should I use this fabric or that? Is the strip too wide or not wide enough? And what should I do next? You know that process--maybe even go through it yourself.

But every once in a while, a quilt--or in this case--a pillow--just comes together.  It is a beautiful spring day--the last day of the Paradise City Arts Festival here in Marlborough and I decided that we should celebrate the joy and delight that happened earlier this week when a pillow came together--just right. Why not? Isn't that what spring is all about?

So--without further ado--here are some time lapse images of that pillow.  Of course sometimes I got so involved in the process I forgot to take a snapshot--oh well. And I did spend lots of time getting the color palette just right before I began--isn't that the key anyhow?

What do you think? Does this ever happen to you? Am I right that this pillow just worked?


  1. LOVELY quilt, excellent post...
    The last of my seascape series yrs ago was done that way, no reference photo, painted in one afternoon in the studio at a feverish pace...let me find link...

    1. Thanks Janet for sharing. Don't you love it when that happens?

  2. Works for me! ;) Just beautiful.