Tuesday, March 13, 2012

don't we all need choice?

Recently--as my followers know--I have been working hard getting ready for the Paradise City Arts Festival this week-end in Marlborough, MA. Oh how I love this show--the real start of spring for me. Enough great artists and artisans that your mind is swirling with possibilities. But not so many that you can't really linger and go back to the ones you like. For more info check out: http://www.paradisecityarts.com

Of course one of the problems with this show--or even any show--is that I want to have enough work. After all, my stock was picked over at the Baltimore Craft Show. And even during the holiday season.
And one thing I have learned from experience is that if you don't have a selection, the customers won't even stop and look at your work.

I mean isn't that one of the reasons the customers are there in the first place?

Now I know that each of these table runners are lovely in their own right and each will find its own good home but there are not enough here to take to the show, are there?

So I start making some more--a purple and a blue. Yes, this looks more like it--doesn't it?

Oh I do love this blue one. Want to bet it is the first one sold?

But still not enough. No, I think I need at least one more color--well, I probably could use several more colors but time is limited and I do have much more to do to get ready for this show. One more--a teal--should make the display look complete. What do you think?  How do you make sure you have enough colors for a show? What colors do you look for? Don't we all need choice?


  1. I just finished my first quilting project, a table runner, and it took me a few weeks of off and on working on it. I had never sewed on a sewing machine before. As I read your blog, I was wondering, how fast can you finish a table runner. Do you use a long arm quilting machine? I didn't. I have a quilting website store, http://quilttemplatesandmore.com My wife has been a lifelong quilter. I liked all the colors of your table runners.

    1. Thanks Peter. So glad to hear you made your first runner. No, I do not use a long arm machine--instead I quilt-as-you-go using my Singer 281 Industrial (it only goes straight but is a work horse.) Hope you keep having fun sewing.