Friday, March 9, 2012

is it spring fever?

Is it the forsythia I forced in my kitchen? Or the difference in the light in the morning? Perhaps it is the maple syrup buckets hanging in the woods as I drive down to the studio. Or the Paradise City Arts Festival March 16-18 in Marlborough?  The lovely warm days where I take my letters to the mail box one at a time. Open the door to the studio. Maybe even sweep the sidewalk.

This week at The Textile Company  I had a list of colors I need for projects but just had to add a few shades of lavender. Could I resist these abstract grapes like little bubbles of sky? Nope--and then I needed something to go along with it. Well, you must know how that goes.

Fabric collection--Ann Brauer

Yes, I need some smaller items, I told myself--after all, one of the great aspects of a Paradise City Show is that there is art to lust after and art to enjoy and use on a regular basis. Art can be fun as well as serious. Shouldn't we surround ourselves with lovely items every day? Can I ever have too many potholders in my booth?

Potholder--Ann Brauer

Maybe a placemat. See how I used the grape fabric here. Won't that help make my display look cheerful--like spring.

Placemat--Ann Brauer

A table runner for just that splash of color. Slightly more rose colored--maybe I should make another one. There are so many lovely lavenders out there, aren't there?

Table runner--Ann Brauer

Eyeglass cases--I forgot to snap their image. A pillow or two that are not quite done. Of course by now I am wanting the challenge of something larger. A new wall hanging perhaps. Maybe rolling hills in lavender. That would be absolutely gorgeous. So many choices. So much to do. I feel scattered--must be spring fever.

Does this happen to you? Do you find you change the colors you want to use with the seasons? How do you make your selection reflect the seasons?

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