Thursday, March 22, 2012

what is the color of celery?

Ah spring is in the air. Time to finish an order. This one should be easy--right? After all, I have previously made my quilt--ancient light.  Nice quilt, isn't it? How complex the colors are. How the combination resonates as a whole.

But the walls of this home are celery colored. Now when I hear the word celery I think of a green--like the celery I grow every year. An intense green in the leaves. Even the stalks have green. Sure a bit of yellow to brighten it. But green. The green of this celery in McCusker's Market.

Probably even greener than this snapshot. But--and this is the catch here--the color celery as defined by the pros is different. Almost a composite of the greens here--with a bit of yellow. Sometimes it is a bit brighter. All are defined by numbers and charts. Here is one link to celery color by the experts. Note the number that defines the color from the chart.

Here is the color from a color chart.

But why is this called celery? I certainly don't think of celery as this yellow. Not the crisp stalks that I eat. Maybe celery when I add it to a stew. Although when I look at the colors again of the celery in McCuskers--yes, I can see the yellow there. And I confess I do like the color. I probably even like it more than I like the color that I think of for celery. At least for walls.

And yet, as designer Celerie Kemble--don't you love her name--said in Southern Accents, celery is basically a neutral color. Green is one of the natural colors that we are surrounded by. It can be both warm and cool at the same time. Interesting article--you can learn more here.

It makes me stop and think. Reminds me that when customers mention the color celery or celadon or any of those other named colors I should stop for a minute and double check. Because my celery color may not be their celery color.

Does this ever happen to you? What colors do you find hard to remember? And what color do you think celery is?


  1. An interesting colour to contemplate. I have observed that when I buy organic celery it is definitely greener (and has a more intense anise flavour) and that conventional non-organic is lighter, more yellow (and tastes milder). perhaps that is why the discrepancy??

    1. You may be on to something. I wonder if the commercial celery was bred to have a less intense flavor?