Monday, April 2, 2012

the quilts of Ann Brauer--April Fools Day edition

Wow is time flying by. In March we had unseasonably warm weather. Now it is cooler and sometimes even spitting snow. As they say, if you don't like the weather in New England wait a minute. This summer promises to be busy time for me--I know I will be doing the Guilford Craft Show in Connecticut in July.  Hopefully a couple of other shows also. I  just saw the proofs for one article I have coming out this summer--don't worry I will give the details as the publication date approaches. And I am  working on another one for September. What fun.

Meanwhile I am trying to spend regular hours in the studio finishing orders and creating new quilts. Of course do call first if you are coming from out of state.  And yes, the Bridge of Flowers is open and already lovely. A new vintage clothing store has opened next door to me. Shelburne Falls is full of life.

And now for the quilt of the month. I decided reluctantly to choose "light on the ocean". I love this piece--wonderful blues with a very simple design. It is a bit smaller than I now make--40 x 56" I believe and thus it is harder to display either in my booth or at the studio. Of course there is Velcro for hanging it on the back. The quilt is priced at $1100 but for the next ten days--or until it is sold--it can be purchased for $800 plus any tax and shipping. Good luck. The quilt has been SOLD!!!

light on the ocean--40 x 56"--quilt--copyright Ann Brauer

And now for those whose budgets are more like mine. In making designs for my pillows I did create several that are different from the designs I have settled on.  My pillows are a plumb 14 x 14" filled with a pillow form. The back is a solid color and there is a zipper for cleaning. They all have the thin piecing and wonderful texture that I am currently exploring. Normally my pillows go for $110 but these three pillows are being offered for $60 each plus shipping and applicable tax. Again the offer is only for the next ten days or until they are sold. Please specify which pillow you want.

The plum and green pillow--SOLD!!

Pillow--quilted--Ann Brauer

The rust and turquoise pillow. SOLD!!!

Pillow--quilted--Ann Brauer

The blue and yellow pillow. SOLD!!!

Pillow--quilted--Ann Brauer

Thanks so much. I do look forward to seeing many of you this spring and summer.

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  1. I'm glad they sold. SOME DAY I will be able to afford at least a pillow. Meanwhile, I enjoy looking...