Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Sometimes I just have to take a break. Enjoy an appetizer--an amuse-bouche as they are sometimes called. That is why I make potholders. It let's me play with fabric.

Now I am lucky enough to have many great friends, including this wonderful couple who live part time within walking distance of my house. The type of people who spent hours helping me when my studio floated and then dropped by the house with "meals on wheels" just when I had no food in the house and no energy to cook even if I could scrounge up something. We should all have friends like this, shouldn't we?

As happenstance would have it their daughter is expecting her first child soon. The daughter is a really nice person herself (and makes the best deviled eggs I have ever had.) So why not make a little quilt for this new child. After all I had some  fabric in absolutely lovely colors. And I wanted to have fun. See what would happen if I used long strips of the fabric to just show it off.

I wanted it to look random. Thought it would be easy. Why do I always forget how hard it is to "do random." Quilts just don't happen--at least mine don't. Yes, it is all made using quilt as you go--although I did use a polyester batting this time to make sure it could be washed. And yes, the seams are hopefully a bit straighter than this snapshot but that wasn't really the point of the quilt.

What do you think? Aren't some of the fabrics wonderful?  Do you ever do this? And I have a new niece--born about a month ago. Should I make one for her too? Or maybe another design? Is this how other quiltmakers have fun?


  1. Ann, how clever to use the scraps...i save my scraps for the bodice of sundresses for my grandaughter...but I like how you improvise. Are the lines supposed to curve a bit...? Enjoy the things you share they so inspire me.

    1. Thanks Rosalyn. I do hope you make a quilt for your granddaughter--how wonderful that would be. As for the lines, they began life straight. There is a bit of curve in them--I don't go for precision--and some is that this is just a snapshot and I was more interested in the colors.

  2. I've just recently discovered your blog - I love your work. Yes, random is much harder than people might think! And yes, what you are doing here is FUN. Lucky baby . . .

  3. Ann, How wonderful of you to make a quilt for my granddaughter and also to include us in your blog. I told my daughter that we are honored to have an Ann Brauer original in our family. Hope to see you soon.

  4. Nice quilt Ann! I want to try it someday... Brazilian kisses...