Friday, April 27, 2012

the poster--thoughts on branding

Now those who know my studio know that I had to put up reflective film on the lovely south facing windows to protect the quilts. Made it much nicer inside but harder for the casual tourists to come and see my quilts.

Life in Shelburne Falls changed and suddenly I was not selling enough to pay rent out of the studio--that is always my goal, you see.  But as the saying goes--I don't get mad, I take action. I want enough people to visit that I make money but let's face it, I don't need everyone to come in.

A poster or two in the window.  A friend had suggested that. Who cares if that fades? New posters can always be made and give me a fresh look. For publicity I always use a quilt that I still own. Why not try to sell it.  Maybe my quilt--into the mist. Love the quilt--great colors. Uniquely mine. A newer style.

Yes, that could be my "brand" for this summer. Spiff it up. Don't need to show the entire quilt--that is a bit dull. A little identification. Not bad, is it?

Get four printed cheaply. After all, I do want to make a statement. Then cut a hole in the film and hang two facing the sidewalk. Yes, that looks good doesn't it? Sophisticated. Intriguing. A statement. You can see how reflective the film is, can't you?

Inside, two more posters to make the space look cozy. You'll have to come visit to see those. Now to work on the display in the peek hole. Always something isn't it? What do you think? Will it work?


  1. A marvelous idea and beautiful looking posters! I couldn't resist passing by without stopping by :)

  2. ! That is absolutely gorgeous! Very sharp looking. : )


    1. Thanks Monika--has spring come to the prairie yet?