Wednesday, April 4, 2012

that first small step

OK--I have made as many potholders as I can. Finished almost every order that I have. Did a test piece for a custom hanging. Even cleaned the studio. But now--let's face it--I have to start the BIG quilt. I just must start it. Now, it is not that I don't want to make the quilt--I do. It will be lovely. Happy joyous colors. I mean, isn't rainbows of summer such a wonderful piece? An iconic one for me, right?

rainbows of summer--99 x 99"--copyright Ann Brauer

And I do like the customers--really nice couple. Patient with me too. No, it is just that the new quilt is BIG--I mean really B--I--G. Seven feet by 9 feet. Too big for my design wall.  I know it will take forever. I will come to wonder if I will ever finish it. Do you know the feeling?

But there is no choice. Start I must. So I sew that first small block. OK--it feels good to take that first step, doesn't it?

 Don't they look lonely up there together? Yes, I must start to clear the design board. Make room for the quilt.

Now that feels like I am getting somewhere. I do love that very long row of yellow.  See how I had to overlap the blocks to get them to fit.


Only eleven more rows to piece. Then sew the blocks together. But who's counting? I know what I will be doing at the studio for the next few weeks. Feels good to start though, doesn't it? Does this ever happen to you? Do you fear the big projects? How do you persuade yourself to start a quilt?

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