Tuesday, February 14, 2012

the thin dark line

Is it because of the weather--this winter has been to put it mildly--yes, the pun is intended--GREY!!! Very little snow. Just the greys of the trees against the greys of the ground. And frequently the grey of the skies. So much grey. Lovely in its own way. But I feel surrounded by the color grey.  Indeed I discuss the color grey with my friend Gail Callahan--an expert dyer. She wondered if grey is just two colors combined while brown is technically three colors. Well, maybe if you are a dyer but in real life--I am not so sure about that. If you want to know more about Gail you can check out her website: http://www.kangaroodyer.com

In any case, I have become fascinated with the color grey. I see a quilt in my mind. Very simple. Just colors. Different shades of grey.  It is one of those quilts where the background falls into place. Well, the colors never just fall into place but you know what I mean. Some quilts are easier than others. But shouldn't there be more to it than just color? Something to attract the eye and tell a story.

 And of course I want to get the quilt done before the Baltimore Craft Show--will a grey quilt sell? There must be a space for a grey quilt there. How will the audience re-act to the quilt--if I can indeed finish it. For more info on the show: http://www.craftcouncil.org

As I piece I try out different answers. A thin dark line running up the center.

Hmm--interesting. See how I put a placeholder for the color at the bottom just to give me an outline. But should I add more color? What about a red?

Not sure--let me piece the next row and see what I think.

If red--should I use more red? Again I try it out. Clean the studio a bit as I think about it. Come back the next day.

 Not at all sure about that. Yes, it makes a statement but is it too much of a statement. Clashes with some of the greys in the quilt, doesn't it?  Let me make the bottom row--see if that changes the solution.

 Oh that red does not look right does it? And as for the green--nice--but too obvious isn't it? You see I do try lots of different solutions though I don't always remember to snap images of them if you know what I mean.

Back to the black. I like the simplicity of the black but not the thin arch of it. Won't fit in with the geometry of the quilt will it? What about a slightly shorter--slightly thicker line? How does that work?

What do you think? How will it look when pieced in? Should it be thin pieces of black that are vertical or horizontal? Oh so many slight decisions that will change the quilt. How much will the quilt change as I sew the blocks together? Should I make test samples now or wait?

But as they say--tomorrow is another day. Some decisions are better if they just sit and stew.  And you--ever have a quilt fall in place and then just stop? And--can I get this done by Baltimore?


  1. I find your thought process with each quilt fascinating and appreciate that you've documented so much of it.

    May I admit that, being more of an asymmetrical person, the configuration in the first photo is the most intriguing to me...including the place holder at the bottom. The slight tilt suggests movement or an attempt to balance. Isn't life a balancing act, after all?

    Remember...I'm an asymmetrical person...so I'm curious about the placement of the vertical line in the very middle of the piece. Just wondering if you tried moving it off center a bit and, if so, how that worked?

    Hopefully, I haven't offended you with my questions. I've been a fan of your quilts for quite a while and only fairly recently discovered your blog.

  2. Thanks Jennifer. I always appreciate getting comments and no I don't mind. I did use an off-center block in cold ocean--for instance. I think I will do a post of different suggestions in the next couple of days. Do keep the suggestions coming everyone.