Thursday, February 16, 2012

so many choices--so little time

For those who regularly read my blog, I have been spending the last few days working on a new quilt--grey, grey and more grey. With a thin dark line running through the mist. As always I tell myself to make what I know and the rest will come. Several of my loyal readers actually made some interesting suggestions and I promised that I would at least consider their ideas--why not? You can catch up on the blog post--the thin dark line.

After all, I am an artist. I know the look that I want--but I am always willing to look at an idea differently. Learn something. After all, I am an artist. Besides--think of all the new possibilities for other quilts that can happen. So here are a few of the ideas for you to mull over.

The yellow line--it certainly does tell a story, doesn't it? A bit of sunshine amidst the grey. But I did not want the focus to be on the yellow so on to the next.

 The softer green brown idea. Again I liked it. Certainly fit in with the quilt and echoed the colors. But I wanted just a bit more contrast. Not quite as warm a quilt as this would make it.

The off center idea. Doesn't this tell too much of a story? I wanted the feeling of falling into the grey. Although it could be a nice quilt on its own.

One astute reader suggested that the black that I had used as a test piece was too black. That I agreed with--indeed I had intended to make a long strip using different blacks and maybe other dark colors when I got to that point. As always I made it a bit larger than I needed. Isn't it easier to cut down than to add.

Too long and clunky.  But I wanted to recheck the length. Yes, shorter would be better, wouldn't it?

Still too wide. I want just a wisp of dark. Of course it is hard to visualize the seam allowance. Make what I know. It will come.

Yes, sewing the blocks together does give more of a clue. Love how the subtle colors of the fabrics blend but emerge from the grey.

I made it a bit narrower and sewed it into the blocks. Interesting how it is darker than the grey beneath. A slit in the mist as though one were falling into the dark.

Now to finish it. Wish I had time to make one with the yellow. Mmm--maybe after the Baltimore show next week. Oh so much to do.

What do you think? Do you start with an idea and play? Did I make a good decision?

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