Thursday, February 9, 2012

it's done!!!

OK--I have learned--at least for now--that my readers do like to see what my quilts look like when they are done.  Remember I wrote about this piece a couple days ago in Time to Tango. But it is the finish work that can add that zing factor, isn't it? In this case  I turned under the edge and bound it on the back.

Oh, I do hate mitering corners--I learned how back when I was in 4-H so many years ago. Didn't like it then--don't like it now. But sometimes it is just the effect that I want. The quilt has so much texture because of the thin strips of fabric that the substance becomes part of the quilt.

Anyhow--without further ado--here is the quilt:

Study in autumn--copyright Ann Brauer 2012--12 x 40"--$270
What do you think? Yes, it is a snapshot--the colors are a bit brighter. Does look different from the non-finished version doesn't it? Should I try it in different colors? Maybe stormy purples and the tangerine? Maybe a quilt that is just tangerine like study in blue?

Study in blue--copyright Ann Brauer--2012--12 x 40 "
Maybe a co-ordinated set? Or maybe pillows? I am thinking about collections. Oh so much to do.  After all, I do have the Baltimore Craft Show far far too soon. Do you ever get inspired just before a major show? Sigh.... How do you decide?

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