Friday, July 29, 2011

time for some R & R

Sometimes you just have to say "Yes!!!" "Great idea, hun!!!"

Vacation with my DH--a trip to the Green Mountains of Vermont--one of those wonderful parts of the world--so beautiful. So close to home. Having a great time just being with my DH--how rare those moments are--you must know the feeling.

"Let's hike to the top of Stratton Mountain," he suggested. Just under 4000 feet. There is a fire tower at the top. 360 degree views. We know Stratton Mountain--have always wanted to climb it. Have hiked bits of the Long Trail and the Appalachian Trail.

I love those activities. Step after step--carefully--up the mountain. A trip with a purpose. A destination. A feeling of accomplishment. Almost like making a quilt--yes, of course I think about quilts--even on vacation. That is just who I am--if you know what I mean.

Slowly, steadily we climb. The path at first easy-- a little muddy in places. Lovely hard wood forest. Tiny streams crossing over. Then the tree roots cling to the ground. A tangle to pick through on the trail. Carefully. Up, up we go. More rocks than roots on the trail now. R & R--Roots and Rocks get it?

We stop for a break at a wonderful boulder. Actually it is two rocks taller than me almost touching. The space in between. I love the power of these large boulders. Such force and reassurance.

The tension of the space between. The cracks just waiting. Paused in the evolution of the mountain. Such simple shapes defining a moment larger than I can comprehend.

A tree seeming to hold up the rock. The twists in each counter-balancing the other.

The small details. What wonderful compositions. So much to absorb.

Simple. Complete. Just colors and shapes that happen--just waiting to be noticed.

 The greens of the moss. The colors of the rock. So much to see.

But how long can I delay. The trail beckons. Up. Up. The trees turn into balsam spruce. Shorter.  The sky is more visible. Lighter. We are ridge running. Catch just a glimpse of distant water. It can't be far now.  Hikers on the way down urge us on--the fire tower is worth it. The goal. Finally we are on top of the world. We have done much harder trails--this one just requires slow and steady care. Water breaks.

Then finally we are there. The fire tower beckons. And the views. Greylock. Monadnock. Killington. Ridges of the Green Mountains. What is so essential about this expanse? What is its power to take our breath away?

Why do we like to see the distant lakes mapped out for us? What longing and desires do we see here?

And you--do you climb those high peaks? Seek those views? Do you find inspiration and patterns in the simple designs of nature? Do you see quilts here? What do you do for R & R?

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