Friday, July 8, 2011

capturing the sky

 How do you capture the colors of my iris--the wonderful blues and purples. So dreamy but also with a definition. This one a Japanese iris--dirago star. Wonderful isn't it? So intense and varied in their subtlety. The colors of the sky. I sketch and resketch the quilt. A simple color progression of light to dark blues above a horizon of teal--or is it green? And then the focus--the "story" of the quilt. That square of fine strips of fabric that echoes the looser pieces of the quilt but makes the quilt pop.

This is new for me. I tried it once with desert solitaire and loved the effect. You can read about it HERE. Now I want to do it again and again. There is something here if only I can discover it. I can see it in my mind's eye but not sure how to realize it yet. Again I want the finely pieced square to echo the quilt with a color progression.

But first I tell myself to make what I know. I piece square after square of the quilt. I want blue with hints of purple. Just that bit of warmth. Not too busy. Just color gradually changing. How long this takes. I must see if the idea is working so I pin up a purple square--it seems a bit lost. Maybe it is because I still have to sew the top row of blocks?

Then I think. Look through the squares I have already pieced. Pillows not yet made. What about that rust-orange? Yes, I have made that top row--that also helps the quilt, doesn't it?

Color pops doesn't it? But the square is too high. The quilt looks like a study in geometry although it is hard to visualize with the blocks not sewn together. Let me lower it.

That looks better. But is it right? Aren't design boards great? What happens if I lower it further?

Yes much better. Amazing how small changes can make such a big difference, isn't it? But is this the right color? What about the lavender purple I had originally thought of?

So different that feeling is, isn't it?  So soft and subtle. Yes, that works doesn't it? One more color-- this yellow. Interesting.

Now the square isn't just going to be a solid block of color--it will go from dark to light just like the quilt. No idea how I will piece it into the quilt. First though to make the teal blocks--don't think that will change much. Then on to the square of color.

So what do you think? Lavender, rust or yellow? Will this quilt work? Can I get it done before the Guilford Craft Show next week-end?

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