Monday, July 25, 2011

sometimes it is the little things

Oh--don't you love it when ideas come together? I piece and plan--piece and plan. What a great concept. Jazz and summer scenes. Wonderful colors. Ideas flowing. The quilt just sitting there--so full of promise and anticipation. You must have had moments like that--at least I hope so.

Then I sew it together. In blocks of colors first. It always looks so different then doesn't it. Ooops. I knew I had not measured the two sides to be quite the same--figured I would work it out when I sewed it together. Give me some wiggle room. But....

Where to cut it off? What to eliminate? Is there too much white in this design? I pin it up. Squint. Use my hands to square it off in my mind. Obviously I must tuck in that tail of fabric--that is distracting.

Still too much white, isn't there? Maybe that is the clue?

More images. Yes, that shows the color progression but doesn't glare. Time to let it sit there for a couple days. Amazing how a picture can help define the quilt isn't it?

Do you ever do this? Get inspired and then stuck? Which do you like better? Am I missing something?


  1. Love the insights into the process.

  2. It happens to me all the time ... sometimes I'M afraid I'll need to buy a new seam ripper, because it seems to loose its sharpness ;-)) My first reaction to your last picture in your post was - ups, that small white line is missing! To me, it connects both parts, and as there's a bit of a very very light value on the left side, I liked the white on the right side a lot. So I would advocate in favor of that white on the right side ;-))

  3. I love reading about your artistic process. Thanks for sharing. It´s a treat. I liked it uneven with the whites still there between the greens and the yellows. I miss it in the last pic. But this is YOUR quilt of course... Good luck!

  4. Thanks so much for your ideas. I do think I want to make the quilt square this time although I agree there is something fun about the uneven edges.

  5. For what it's worth, I liked the white at the bottom of the B&W section. But what the heck do I know? ;-)

  6. I think you totally remedied that by removing the white!! Good eye. I do get stuck and I dislike it very much. In hindsight, the breakthroughs are always terrific.
    Monika in Canada

  7. Thanks for your suggestions. Hope your summer is going well. Time does fly by doesn't it?