Sunday, July 3, 2011

oops I did it again

I have been hurrying so to finish the new quilt--have you ever done that? Working as hard as I can--totally concentrated and driven. Piece it and sew it together--I want to see the finished work now. I want to get it done before the Guilford Craft Show so customers can react to it. Then I look at it--half sewn together--the colors do not flow as I imagined. Was it really just my choice of fabrics?

Or maybe I sewed  a row on upside down. Could I really have been that stupid?  Ugh!!!

Now normally I carefully mark the top side of these long rows--but maybe the pin slipped out. It happens. Maybe in my haste I hadn't noticed. Sewing this quilt together is slightly different from my normal procedure because I want the lines of the solid color to be straight. Maybe that is where I made the mistake. It doesn't even matter now does it?

Nothing to do about it though but get out my seam ripper and pick away. UGH!!!! How securely I had sewn those seams. This takes forever. I must use care since I don't want to damage the quilt.  Then I flip the row over. Redo my work. Yes, that was the problem. Whew!!!

Finish the quilt.  Of course it take forever--well, a lot longer than anticipated. Interesting though. I am enchanted with that very thin line--is it a door? A crack in the earth? Not sure. Maybe the desert concentrated. But a story.

And isn't that what it's about anyway. Shouldn't art be telling a story--even if there are no words to the story? Even if it is not linear? What do you think?


  1. Because I have Emma demanding that I leave my work and take her to the woods, step away from my work and see it afresh when I come back. I don't always want to stop, but the quality of my work has improved due to this routine.

    Lovely corrected quilt! Good fortune in Guilford.

  2. What an savior Emma is. Alas I am a cat person and my cats don't make it to the studio--far too much traffic there and they like their naps. Thanks for the kind words.