Thursday, July 21, 2011

it's too damn hot!!!

OK--the heat wave has finally made it up to New England. Now I know that for those of you in other parts of the United States you are probably thinking what a spoiled quiltmaker I am--after all, so far this weather has been relatively pleasant up here. And we do know that a bit of hot weather is good for the tomatoes and basil. But--let's face it--I am a spoiled. Enough said.

Luckily I just got new images back from my photographer John Polak. You can check out his web site HERE.  I even posted them on my web site last night which is HERE.  So without further ado--let me preview the images for you. What do you think? Which is your favorite?

Desert solitaire--45 x 45 inches.

Don't you just love this close-up?

Reflections on the night--45 x 45 inches.

Hidden lake--45 x 43".

Autumn dawn--50 x 70 inches.

 Into the woods--99 x 99 inches. Used as a bed quilt.

Isn't my photographer great? Which is your favorite? Which themes should I work on? And more importantly what are you doing to stay nice and cool?


  1. shimmering quality of the quilts is just like the heat.....
    Humidx 48 today (and this is Canada, the frozen north!) I stay indoors as much as I can, run cold water over my wrists and ankles

  2. It has been hot, humid and hostile to cloth handling here for a month. My studio and projects languish. I am so grateful to have a pool and spend too much time just wallowing in it. I am pruned past recovery.