Thursday, July 1, 2010

sometimes the best laid plans...

Oh yes, my struggles with this quilt continue. As you may remember in my last post I had decided to make a quilt similar to rainbow hills but in tones of blue and green. It was coming along--very very slowly of course. But every day I go into my studio in Shelburne Falls and work on it.

A few snapshots of its development. The teals were a bit of a pain but I got through them.

The blues began to fall into place. I test a piece of fabric--leave it up overnight to see what I think. Looks fine.

See that works. I am loving these colors.

But then the question becomes what comes next. By color progression it should be a blue purple. Makes sense. I don't have that many blue purples and I don't want to get too red--remember the lovely couple doesn't want red. Although I am making this quilt for the PA Guild Show in Wilmington at the end of the month, I want the couple to be able to visualize their custom quilt. Let me try.

I look. I don't want to admit it but I look again. This is taking away from the quilt. Too purple. Argh!!! I clean the studio--well, at least a bit. I think again.

Maybe I have it wrong. What if I just went to a deeper and deeper blue so the greens are coming out of the blue? I hate to take work out but....

What do you think? Deep blue or purple. Let me test. The purple.I am fond of purple and hate to take work out but...

Or the blue. It could be dynamic. Will it just be too dull at the end. But I like the idea of the quilt coming out of the night sky?

Blue clearly needs to be darker. What do you think? Purple or blue?


  1. I think I like the idea of blues.

  2. Hi Gerri,

    Yes, I think I will try blue--maybe a hint of purple--but still mainly blue.

  3. The colors you're using are wonderful and so is your technique. thanks