Monday, June 28, 2010

Mission Impossible?

The mission--which of course I will choose to accept--is to make the rainbow quilt in blues and greens.
As you may remember, this quilt was a definite challenge--going from yellows to oranges and reds to purple and then blue. However, the wonderful couple is not fond of the reds and oranges so I want to see what happens if I go to blues and greens.

I will be doing the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftspeople Show in Wilmington, DE July 31-August 1 so I do need to have plenty of work. This show is in air-conditioned comfort. I think it should be great. But enough about that--let me consider the mission at hand.

One of the main problems is that the color progression will go yellow--green--teal--blue.  Sounds easy but green is one of those difficult colors to find in fabric. Sure there are the earth tone greens. Usually there is some bright primary color green. However, all the other more subtle colors of green can be very hard to find. Each year there seem to be different greens introduced--and the colors do not work together as well as they should. But there is no choice.

Rather than fretting--it is a lot easier to just begin with what I know. Doesn't this piece look so lonely on the design board by itself. It sure seems like it will take forever.

Well, let me fill in the yellows and greens. Here I can use the earth toned greens so this shouldn't be that hard.

OK--the colors are a bit softer than the rainbow quilt. That's OK.  Now though I have to begin going into the true greens and teals. How much change do I need to make the quilt work? After all I don't want the colors to be a blur--but I want the change to look logical and calm. Let me try.

Thinking about blur--sorry for the fuzziness of the image but the colors do change too suddenly, don't they? Too much blue. It's funny--it looked fine while I was making it. I can see this quilt will be a challenge.

OK let me rethink this. If I change this what will it look like? That piece of fabric was originally made to resemble a watermelon rind--but it is a great color.

Amazing how such a simple change can make the quilt work.  Time to take out some stitches. I can see this process will be very slow.  Oh why did I start this piece?

OK--let me try this


  1. ahh I see now. you do a 'quilt as you go'? awesome. your color sense is great. I like the slowness of it, sometimes, though.. lovely.

  2. Thanks Lorie. Yes, it is quilt-as-you-go.