Monday, June 21, 2010

rainbow hills--more thoughts on design

Sometimes pictures do tell the story very easily. As you may know, I love to work in series. Each quilt helps me see what I need to make next. For instance I just finished the quilt rainbow hills.

As you may remember from my last post I was trying to make a quilt similar to hills and shadows but without the black and the sparkles of white.

This is the first of what may be a series of prototypes for a larger custom quilt. The piece was really a challenge. I began by making a very very rough sketch. Then I keep making what I know. Stop. Try to figure out what comes next. Each block is actually two different colors--they have to relate to the previous colors but they are changing. One fabric can either make the block or take the quilt to the wrong place.

It seems much harder without the black. I sort of miss the white sparkles. A very different piece.

As I work I have to stop and take pictures. This gives me an idea of what the quilt looks like from a distance. I play with different ideas--should the colors be darker. How do I go from purple to blue? How much teal should I add? Will this really anchor the piece? Are the colors sort of even in their intensity?

Then when I sew the quilt together I also look. For instance consider this piece when I have removed the top row that has the most yellow. How would the quilt look without so much yellow? Interesting.

 Maybe the next piece doesn't even need the yellow. A subtle difference--but worth considering. Amazing how different the piece looks like when it's done. Maybe I should try one with a less sudden color change. So many possibilities. I wake up at night when the moon shines just right and think of so many quilts I want to make. Now if only I could find the time. Should I just make another one like rainbow hills but with different colors? Or maybe start a different variation on this design? What do you think? How do you create something new from something you've made before?
What do you think?

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