Friday, July 16, 2010

it's peak season

It's peak season in the garden. Such a fleeting joyous time. The time when the flowers outnumber the foliage. From a distance the garden is a riot of colors and shapes. So hard to capture the magic in a picture.

In my eye I focus on the reds, the yellows. Amazing how you see things different from what the camera snaps.

Up close there are the individual flowers to examine closely and absorb. The complex glow of lily dache.  Glorious isn't it?

The patterns of homeplace widget. Don't you just love it? I think this is its first season blooming here. I must make a note to move it. Rarely do I use the word--but it does apply, doesn't it?

The patterns and colors of the seedling. Maybe not the best daylily but look at those great patterns and colors. I can't wait to see it next year when it should also have some siblings blooming.

So much to see and do. At the studio I started a new big quilt a couple weeks ago for the PA Guild Fine Craft Fair in Wilmington, DE July 31 and August 1 trying to capture the completeness of the season. This was what I got done last week.

And below is what I've done this week. Still so much to do. Two more rows of dark blue to piece forthe top. And then sewing it all together. What was I thinking? Especially during peak season.

I know it will be wonderful. But can I get it done? I wake up every morning as early as I can. Water the garden--we've had just enough rain to fill the barrels so I can water guilt free. Then head off to the studio to do another row or two. At five or so, I head home--exhausted, grab a bite to eat, then head out to the garden to admire, enjoy and alas--weed.

So brief the season is. Already today I noticed that some of my favorite daylilies are on their last flower.  I need more late daylilies though I'm not sure where I'll plant them. I need to finish the quilt in time. Let's face it--I need more time. Do you ever have periods like this? How do you do it?

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