Monday, July 26, 2010

schedules and an ornery quilt

Well when you last heard from me, I had just started a new wall hanging that I sure would like to finish before the PA Guild Show. Alas--this quilt is one that is being ornery.

Now for those who don't know--my studio is in the wonderful village of Shelburne Falls. I am open to the public unless I am doing a craft show. Although it took some getting used to, I have learned to like having regular hours. When I am at the studio, I need to work. When it's five o'clock I put the quilts on hold until the next day. I rely on this regular schedule to get the most work done.  Indeed my DH just returned from a 2 week seminar--he asked me if I stayed late and got lots accomplished. I tried to explain to him, that I like my regular schedule. If I stay late, I just futts around the studio the next morning.

As you may remember I wanted to make rows of fields stretching to the horizon in late summer colors--a bit dusty. Not too precious. With color progressions and variations. I sketch the quilt out and tell myself to make what I know. How slowly it goes. These rows do not follow from each other.

This part makes sense. But what comes next?

I finish the bottom corner. Is the green too bright? Luckily it is five and I get to leave. It may look better in the morning.

The next morning I realize the problem is not the green but that the corner is too muddy. Time to pick out stitches. Ugh!!!

Better--although it may still need a bit more definition. And what color comes next on the upper left?
Luckily--guess what. It's five o'clock again. Maybe the answer will come over night.

OK--that works better. A bit more teal in the bottom right corner. Oh how I hate to take out stitches. It is better to do it as they say in the ad. Something's still not right though. Luckily--you guessed it. Five o'clock.

Oh I do like that idea much better. What do you think? Now to sew it together and see what it looks like. Quilts do change when the blocks are joined. So much to do--so little time. And soon--guess what. It will be five o'clock again. Do you keep a regular schedule for work?  How long can you work in a day?

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