Thursday, July 22, 2010

A few of the quilts for the PA Guild Show

So soon I will be leaving for the PA Guild Show in Wilmington, DE. The show itself is next Saturday July 31 and Sunday August 1 in the air-conditioned Chase Building along the waterfront in Wilmington, DE. This is a show I haven't done before but I am looking forward to it. The Guild treats its artists with respect and care which I appreciate.

I haven't done a show since the beginning of May so I am trying to figure out what I need to remember. The list begins to build--the vacuum cleaner--I forgot that last time, an order form, postcards with contact info, a notepad to get names for my mailing list. But what quilts do I need that I don't have?
I do have the rainbow series--bright primary colors. They will be the highlight of the booth. Although they haven't posed for their "formal" pictures yet. Above the prairie just returned from the US Embassy in Dili, Timor-Leste. It will be fun to see this quilt again.

Above the prairie--40x56 inches

What else do I need? Here are some of the quilts that I know are going to show up. What do you think--another bright piece? Or more autumnal desert colors. It can't be too big. But something--at least to start--even if I don't get it done. I do have the rainbow series.

And here are some others.

Summer sky--50x81"

autumn afternoon--45x45 inches

 first mountain--45x45 inches

colors of autumn--45x45 inches

hills and shadows--99x103 inches

november dawn--45x45 inches

dawn on the hill--17x45 inches

dawn on the ocean--45x45 inches

Any thoughts?


  1. What a wonderful array. You are hanging an exhibit or you have a booth with these for sale? Wish I could talk the family into a side trip. We will be in the area for my niece's Coast Guard boot camp graduation in Cape May, NJ.
    Have a great show!

  2. Hi Robin,

    I am doing a craft show in Wilmington, DE July 31 and August 1 at the Chase Center. Should be a great show with some other wonderful work also in case you can make it. Thanks.

  3. Beautiful and great depictions of sunrises, etc.