Monday, May 24, 2010

wow--I started a new quilt

Sometimes it just happens. I go into the studio planning on finishing some orders and then--I just start a new quilt. Just like that. The orders are sitting there waiting to be finished. Now I've probably been thinking about this quilt for some time. Sorting fabric.  Playing with it over and over in my mind in the early morning. Making some sketches.  Maybe I've even chosen the next piece I'm going to make--a nice earth brown and rust quilt that I need to finish an order. Or those lovely green and mist blue hosta colors.

But then another quilt just happens. And suddenly I'm cutting the fabric. Hunting for that right color. Do I have enough? I find a few scraps. I sew a block. Don't even think if I'm starting in the right place. Will it be too dark?  What comes next? I just put the block up on the design board. It looks almost lonely up there. I make another block. (For those who wonder--the white is the cotton batting. I use a method I call "quilt-as-you-go" which I just blogged about-- check it out if you're interested.

OK--so far so good. I sketch the quilt to get the sizes right. Hmm--it wants to be a bit larger than I want it to be. That's OK--this one is for my booth. I do need a new blue quilt. Let me think.  Yes, it needs to be that size.

There's a lot I don't "know" about this piece.  That's why I need to make this piece. Many of the colors I don't see yet. But I want to discover what it will become. I  start sewing. I don't have enough fabric in the right colors. Oh well--I can buy some more--this is not just an excuse to buy more fabric--I don't need an excuse anyway--do I?  But for now I can find tiny scraps if I search.

That first rough sketch up on the design board.  Later the agony when I figure out what comes next. Tomorrow  I'll clear the design board. Right now I sew.

So where does this come from? Annie Truitt in her wonderful book Day Journal talks of pieces that reside just below the level of consciousness--just waiting to emerge. Is this one of those pieces?  I need new wall hangings--I have a craft fair July 31-August 1 in Wilmington, DE through the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftspeople. Check it out. It is nice to have a purpose.

But why this quilt? The Siberian irises are just starting to bloom. around here. I am crazy about those colors. This is the iris prizm--lovely isn't it?

And the wonderful dark blue columbine that self seeds--with morning dew on it. Gorgeous.

How fickle I am. My need for colors shifts with the seasons--from hosta to iris in one week.  For now though, this quilt is a gift. It says make me--which I will. And you--do you ever just start a piece--not knowing what it will look like. What inspires you?

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  1. Yes, I start pieces not knowing even the next step. My walls are littered with them, but then, after them fermenting in my mind for a while, something will come to me and lead me on. Then it'll be a whirlwind until I get to that ferment place again.