Monday, May 17, 2010

time to finish the quilt

OK--I've been working with the color taupe for a few weeks now. I figured out it's the color of newly plowed fields. Or bark--at least black cherry. The dark of a woodland pond. Aged barn board. It's lovely--a complex color with lots of possibilities. And it's the color--or at least one of them--of the new quilt I've been making.

Don't you just love the textures and shades?

But-guess what?  I'm tired of this color. I'm dreaming of bright happy blues. The intense blue of summer sky. Siberian iris. Or maybe the softer greens of hostas. Hmm. Interesting decision.  Or should it be purples. Not sure. Just something different.

First though I must finish this quilt. It's pieced. I pin it up on a board in my studio as I make each block so I can check the colors. If I'm worried about it, I may take its picture to make sure the colors work.

Sewing it together is not my favorite part. I have to be careful.  First I pin two blocks together and sew a seam.

Then I cover the seam with a binding. I just cut it from fabric I have. You can choose your own fabrics.

Iron it flat. And whipstitch in place. I may feather the seam if I can sew it has less bulk.  (There's a lot of time to ponder--bright blue or hosta, bright blue or hosta while doing this hand sewing.)

Repeat until I get rows done. Then I sew the rows together using the same process.  (Bright blue or hosta....) Do note that I alternate the direction I finish the first seams so the end result isn't as bulky.

Bind it, sew on the Velcro, sign it, clean it up. It's done. Sure sounds simple doesn't it? What a relief--although always a bit of a feeling of emptiness.  What do you think?

OK--that's it. How I make the quilts. And now I have to decide--bright blue or hosta? Will the quilt maybe just come to me? I've never made a hosta colored quilt but I know how to make a bright blue quilt.  What do you think?


  1. Thank you for sharing your technique Ann - I've long admired your work! I don't remember how I first came across you but when I read about the Threads article I went to ebay and found a copy. I'm so glad you're blogging too! I hope to play with this technique one of these days :)

  2. Thanks. I would love to see a picture of your work when you get it done. Have fun.

  3. Hosta colors with blue tinged with purple (alliums would work) ... there are soooo many colors of hostas though ... from the grey-blues to a spring chartreuse. Isn't working/thinking about color grand?

  4. Nice work, Ann! Thanks for sharing your techniques and inspiration! I just got back from Ireland, where the fresh plowed fields and stone walls have really inspired me!

    Have fun with the Hosta colors!

  5. Many thanks to Facebook and Art Quilt groups where we are introduced to such incredibly talented artists such as yourself. You have been so kind to detail your process. Your work is so lovely and I thank you so much!