Friday, May 28, 2010

the new quilt--a question

I was going to write a very simple short post about the new quilt that was just falling into place. If you remember, this quilt just started itself. It's been slow--a few blocks a day. (As you may know I'm at the studio in Shelburne Falls about 8 hours a day so I am spending a LOT of time working on this piece.) But still--so far--it's been rather well-behaved, if you know what I mean. And now it's almost done.

Of course--as soon as I start to write this post--the quilt decides to become ornery. It's almost done but I'm not sure what color comes next. Let me show you. Here's the quilt on my design board. Just a few holes to fill in.

But what color goes  next in the center? That's the question.

I had thought of another purple--lavender. Is this too much purple?

What about a green--I try this brighter green--hmmm. Too much green isn't it?

Maybe a blue lavender? Too blue perhaps.

It's hard to get the colors just right.

I want it to echo the other colors but also it must be interesting. I try again. Maybe a bit more olive in the green. What will that do? I stand back. I squint. I try to imagine it in my mind.


Maybe a bit more olive since there won't be that much of it and your eye will focus there. Interesting.
So what would you do? Which color would you choose?


  1. anna, as I'm looking at your beautiful quilt, it seems to be a color wheel of sorts. I might try the deeper purple colors, as that is what is next after your blues. It's gorgeous. I read your posts, but don't always comment. I admire your work, and like seeing your 'process' best,

  2. Lordy Ann - what a poser! I like number two!

  3. I vote for the lavender. There's no such thing as "too much purple."

  4. I think a shade or orange would be a great focal point........Chris Predd