Thursday, May 13, 2010

more confessions of a fabricaholic

OK--as you probably figured out. I love to buy fabric. Indeed as you may know,  Tuesday is my day off--which means it's the day I go and buy more fabric. Just don't tell my DH--he's still not sure that is what I should be doing on my day off. How can I explain to him that it's fun? And I do need more grays for the custom quilt--desert hills--don't I? Of course. At least it's a good excuse.

So last Tuesday, I got to spend an hour at A Notion to Quilt, the other fabric store within 10 miles of my studio. Didn't I say that I'm a very spoiled quilt maker.  Two fabric stores in 10 miles. This store  has two to three thousand bolts almost all of which are different from those at The Textile Company. Located half way between Shelburne Falls and Greenfield on Route 2, they're in a renovated office building--one of those strange modern places you pass and wonder what went on in there--I heard it was the American headquarters of a brush factory from Switzerland-though don't quote me on that one.

Inside it is very light and airy. Becki--the owner--knows exactly what's happening.  Actually this is also a family affair-- Becki, Lenny and Nancy--I just usually deal with Becki.   I swear she recognizes voices from a distance and remembers exactly what project everyone is working on.  Even the entrance--which is around back--is very neat and modern. They actually share the space with Metaphor Yarns in case you need even more color and fiber.

Rows and rows of fabric. Some wonderful grays here with the browns.

Lots of fun prints. No, Ann, not this time. Don't look. Step away from the fabric. I do need an excuse to come back soon, right?

And if you want ideas how to use the fabric--quilts hung all over the store. More traditional than my work. But still gorgeous. See how high the ceilings are.

So hard to choose. Have you noticed how gray is frequently filed with other colors--the gray green, the taupe, the gray blue? A search in itself.

Well, I was successful. Now I have no excuse not to get this quilt done.

For those who want, there is a long arm machine that can be rented. Lots of classes, get-togethers, time to sew. I don't know how she gets it all done. And you, do you have a favorite fabric store or two?  Maybe another place for me to visit on Tuesdays? After all, I do need more fabric, right?


  1. My favorite quilt shop stopped carrying the fabrics I like. They cater mostly to traditional quilters. So I started to dye my own and do other surface design. It's addictive and I usually sell what I do not want for myself.

  2. Sounds like fun--although how do you possibly choose what colors to create/