Wednesday, May 26, 2010

weeding my garden and my fabric stash

Today I'm a woman with a purpose. Tuesday's my day off--I go up to my garden. I am going to get it in order--I've been neglecting it for far too long. The weeds are definitely winning.  It's been so dry this spring-- there is satisfaction in pulling up the long shoots of grass.  I weed and mulch the peas--the ones I planted in March are almost two feet tall. I tuck leaves I raked last year around them to keep the roots moist and cool. How neat the rows look. I feel almost motherly to them.

I move to the lettuce and parsley. The tomatoes are beginning to take hold. My DH calls this "the garden formerly known as the vegetable garden."  I am not a very serious gardener--my dad was on the farm--we needed to eat. I have friends who have long serious rows of vegetables. Not me--there are a few things one must grow--tomatoes, basil, peas. But I also just have to buy flowers--day lilies, Siberian iris throughout the garden.  I always find more flowers to buy--what will they look like? I cross my day lilies--why not? Who knows what might happen? I don't think about space until I try to find a place to plant peppers and cukes? What about green beans? Maybe some carrots? Kale definitely.

If I get rid of some of my perennial mums--they are getting scruffy anyway--I can move my miniature iris down to the rock garden. Suddenly a whole new row is available.  How nice that area looks already. Beans can go along that fence.

Then I see another area--a few iris. Lots of violets and monarda. Now I do love the bright red of the monarda. But it has spread everywhere. I don't need this much. Out it comes. Room for the peppers. I plant the kale seed. Maybe I can even put a couple eggplants here.

Still I need more room. I have day lily seed to plant still.

Alas I come to the strawberries. Now these strawberries are everywhere. They are an ever-bearing variety a bit interbred with wild strawberries by now.  I love to sample them when I go up to the garden in June but I do need this space.

However, the strawberries already have little green berries on them--already plumping up. I can almost taste them.  Wouldn't it be heartless to destroy so much goodness?

What would you do?

This gets me to thinking about my fabric stash. Now those who know me realize I am always buying fabric. This is what I do. Fabrics go in and out of style--right now I can't get a good teal-turquoise to save me. I need new inspirations. Eventually though I don't have enough room for what I have--I can't find anything. Slowly I try to go through--pull out a few that I know I'll never miss.

Like this one--what was I thinking?

Or mushrooms--I considered appliquing them on potholders. Once. Not really my style.

Or this is actually an interesting fabric. I wonder if I'll regret getting rid of it. But I persist--it is not my style. If I've not used it in 10 years, I can let go of it.

But then there's this one--no I haven't used it. But it still haunts me. There are still things I could do with it--maybe I haven't grown into it yet. Maybe by next year I'll be able to let go. What do you think?
How do you decide what to keep and what to let go of?

Do let me know your thoughts? How do you do it?

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