Sunday, July 28, 2013

the lessons of blue breakfast

OK--why do I write about daylilies so much? After all I am a quiltmaker. That is my life. My profession. Dare I say it--my obsession.

And yet there is so much to learn by looking at life from other angles. Take the daylily "blueberry breakfast." What a gorgeous flower.  First blooming in my garden this year. Just look at all the wonderful tones and depth. The little  ruffles at the edge. The green eye. Oh I love it.

Blueberry breakfast--daylily--Ann Brauer

Now you must understand that blue is a color that daylilies do not come in. Sure there are technical reasons--don't ask me to explain.  Way above my pay grade. But of course that makes the color sought after. You know how that goes--if you can't have it, you want it.

Anyhow I digress. Yes, "blueberry breakfast" was blooming in my garden. And I loved it. And as a belated birthday gift, my DH took me to Tranquil Lake Nursery in Rehobeth.Here is their web site. What more could I ask for? Acres and acres of daylilies.  So hard to capture the intense color and the feeling of being surrounded by such color. Peak season.

Tranquil Lake--daylily--Ann Brauer

I was surrounded by color. 

Tranquil Lake--daylily--Ann Brauer

Unbelievable rows and rows of color that I could walk through and absorb. Try to decide which ones just had to make it back to my garden. You see that was part of the birthday gift. How lucky could I get? And then I saw what might be a Must Have. That amazing dance of blue against the yellow.

Blueberry Breakfast at Tranquil Lake--daylily--Ann Brauer
Blueberry Breakfast--daylily--Ann Brauer

Until I looked more closely and realized that was "blueberry breakfast" grown up so that instead of just one plant, there was the intensity of tens and tens of it. The sky dancing at my feet.  And of course I realized that is also the power of a quilt. That intensity of repetition so that yes--one fabric--one design is lovely and to be admired. But then there is the power of fabrics dancing together.  The intensity that you get only by a whole and the contrast with the yellow flowers--if you know what I mean. (See you knew I would talk about quilts eventually, didn't you?)

And isn't that also part of marketing. One potholder or quilt is fine but isn't there something about selection or choice that adds to the process. So of course I did have to choose just a few more daylilies. Could I resist "swirling water?" Won't that look swell in a clump?

Swirling water--daylily--Ann Brauer

"Outrageous" needed to come home with me. I couldn't capture the drama of that plant but trust me--I can't wait.

Outrageous--daylily--Ann Brauer
 A bit of pre-shopping for next time. "Opera Elegance" looks interesting. Hmm.

Opera Elegance--daylily--Ann Brauer

And "Lake Norman Spider". That could be fun, right?

Lake Norman Spider--daylily--Ann Brauer

Yes, I loved "red suspenders". Out of my price range for now. But worth noting just the same.

red suspenders--daylily--Ann Brauer

Then it was time to head home. Plant the ones I got. Aabachee and Shaker Dance. Goodbye Columbus--a late gold that was not yet blooming. I must extend the season. And "Asiatic Pheasant." Oh this will be fun--something to look forward to next year. And I must give "blueberry breakfast" more space. See if I can get it to grow into a clump that seems to dance with the sky.

And you--where do you go for color and inspiration? What are your favorite daylilies?  Your favorite nurseries? Olallie's, Stone Meadow, Longlesson. So many to choose from. Or is another flower your fave--iris, peonies, zinnias. It is hard to go wrong, isn't it?

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