Wednesday, July 3, 2013

floating above the garden--wordless Wednesdays

There is something magical about Japanese iris or ensata. So exuberant, extravagant in their many details. Each so unique they seem to float above the garden. Sure they are a bit fussy--they like to be moved every few years. Love their fertilizer and water. And their flowers don't last nearly long enough--especially with all the rain we have been having.  But while they are in bloom, I just enjoy and soak in their colors and details.

So without further ado:

pink dimity--ensata--Ann Brauer

chigokegu--ensata--Ann Brauer

immaculate white--ensata--Ann Brauer

nikko--ensata--Ann Brauer
sorcerer's triumph--ensata--Ann Brauer
storm at sea--ensata--Ann Brauer
prairie twilight--ensata--Ann Brauer


  1. The veining of these petals reminds me of batik! Magnificent.