Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wordless Wednesdays--the fungi edition

OK--I confess. I was walking up to the garden to weed--not necessarily my favorite thing to do--but sometimes all too necessary, when I noticed the mushrooms growing on the tree stump. Now I have no idea what they are. The tree stump has been there for years--probably a pine tree though I am not sure by now. And the mushrooms--or maybe they are some other fungi appear regularly. I always look forward to seeing them. So ornate they look like a wild tropical flower. A story for a children's book. Every year I stop. Every year the shapes are so different. Bowls or vases. Flowers.

Aren't they wonderful? Like the skirts of a can-can dancer flaring up with the swirls and kicks. Or maybe a daffodil from some other world?

Then I look and see another mushrooms. What strange little markings on its top. What are they? Does it even matter? Hmmm.

On the garden path I notice more mushrooms that look a daisy made of wood. So much detail in each one.  A happy form of anemone?

OK--this is getting fun. So much for the weeding. That can happen tomorrow--right? A darling little mushroom in the grass--so dainty I almost miss it.

The pleats on this one--modern and perfect. Yes, this one would almost make a nice white on white quilt, wouldn't it? (You see I never go very long without thinking about quilts do I?)

I see one so dainty and poised it seems to stretch forever.

What fun this was. Could I find one more before I headed to the studio? I walked in the woods. Yes, where I remembered them. The haunting white of the Indian pipe. At least that is what I call it.

I always hope to find them at least once a year. And then it was time to head down the hill. But what a nice morning it was. Certainly I don't know anything about mushrooms or any other fungi--and would never ever dream of eating them unless I had a well-qualified guide--but there is something about just searching for the different shapes and sizes of these mushrooms that made the morning so magical and complete. Have you ever done this?


  1. Beautiful! And the colors...a potential quilt project?

  2. Yes, they are beautiful! And I think I see a new quilt in your future!