Friday, August 2, 2013

the quilts of Ann Brauer--groundbreaking edition

Dear all,

Oh how quickly this summer is flying by, isn't it? Sure the weather was first rainy, then oh so hot. Then a wee bit chilly. Too dry. And of course a few perfect days.  After all this is New England, right?

Meanwhile I am busily getting ready for not one but two craft shows this month. The first one is the Berkshire Crafts Show at Monument Mountain High School in Great Barrington, MA on August 9-11. This is such a fabulous small show put on by the teachers to raise money for programs at the school. Artists do come from across the North East and even further to participate in this show so if you are in the area, please do plan on dropping by and seeing what is available. I have so much new work for the show. For more information

Late summer--quilts--Ann Brauer
Then later in the month is the American Craft Exposition in Evanston, IL August 23-25. This is one of the top shows in the country--I am always delighted when I get accepted as I love to browse the aisles and see what everyone has been doing. This year if you check out their web site you will see they have lots of special ticket prices--for instance a pre purchased pack of four tickets is only $40 if you buy before August 19. So make plans now. For further information

And for those who want to purchase from me but can't make it to the studio or one of these shows, I am experimenting with a small presence on Etsy including new pillows and purses so do check it out and let me know what you think. Of course I can special list any items that you want if you find that most convenient. Just let me know.
Pillows--Ann Brauer

And now for the BIG BIG news is that my request for a variance for my new studio did get approved--yeah!!! A few more hoops to jump through and then groundbreaking should be some time in August. To catch you up, my hope is to rebuild my studio (on a very firm foundation I might add) and add a second story to help finance this project. I am meeting with the architect again tonight but it sure is going to be a gorgeous building and I am so excited that I have to pinch myself to make sure it will really happen. Of course I will keep everyone posted about the progress--may even toss in a couple of surprise sales to celebrate so stay tuned. Doesn't the building look great?

Well I guess that is a lot of news for this month. I hope you all are having a great summer.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Wishing you good sales and orders, and a most enjoyable time at the August shows. Looking forward to photos of groundbreaking, construction, and moving in to the new studio. Is the any kind of hopeful timeline?

  2. Wow, I hope that everything goes smoothly for you with this new space, Ann! You deserve it!