Saturday, June 2, 2012

the quilts of Ann Brauer--June showers

Yes, it is June. That wonderful month when my garden begins bursting with color. Already the Siberian iris are amazing me with their soft complexity. A few daylilies have started to add their accents of yellow. And even the tomatoes and peas--yes, I do still plant a few veggies--are starting to bloom. Almost every morning I hurry up there with the excitement of discovering what is new and delightful and the purpose of keeping the weeds down to a mild roar--if you know what I mean.

The big news in my studio is that people whose opinion I respect are fascinated by some of the new quilts I have been trying in my "spare" time. Always fun to struggle with new ideas and see if I can bring them to fruition. The big news in town--and it is big news--is the movie. Yes, they are using Shelburne Falls as the backdrop for a major motion picture. So the crews are out there trying to transform our charming village back to the 1980's. Part of me says--what fun. Part of me will be really glad when it is over. But even during the process, Shelburne Falls is open for business and I am busy finishing orders--still--and of course pushing these news ideas. Do drop by and tell me what you think. I do want to hear your opinions on the new quilts. (Of course, if you are coming from a distance, please call or e-mail me first to be sure I am there.)

In July I will be doing the Guilford Craft Show in Guilford, CT. What a wonderful show in another charming town. Then August sees me at the Berkshire Craft Fair and The American Craft Exposition in Evanston--with no floods, hurricanes or other disasters this year I hope. So stay posted for more details.

And now for the quilt of the month. This time, in honor of my Siberian iris, I chose "may". Now I confess I love the colors of this quilt--blues and teals. There is a story here. A joyous quilt that celebrates the colors of spring in my opinion. It is 32 x 48" with Velcro for hanging. Normally it sells for $820 but for the next ten days or until sold I will sell it for $600 plus shipping and any applicable taxes. So if you want it, be the first to e-mail me.

Hope to see many of you soon. The quilt has been SOLD.


  1. This morning is crispy with our first frost of winter. I planted my first ever iris bulbs a month or so ago. And now I wait to see some of those glorious blues and purples.

    1. Amazing to think of the first frost of winter. Hope you will post some images of your iris when they bloom next spring--just as we are thinking of those long winter nights.