Wednesday, June 20, 2012

is it trippy or traditional?

Now as many of you know, in my "spare" time I have become fascinated with stripes. Little bitty stripes that repeat but change. Each one different but consistent with the others. There is an energy that I am trying to capture. That sense of motion and change but with the repetition that is so human. Or at least that is my opinion.

I just want to make more and more stripes. See what I can do. Learn something new.  Some customers want a large piece made like this. One customer said that upon looking more closely at it she thought there was a traditional aspect to the quilt. Another found it "trippy". His word--not mine.

 stripes--36x36"--copyright Ann Brauer 2012

Close up of the quilt.

These little strips are nothing new for me actually. Sure I haven't done them for a while but in some of my earlier quilts I used to work with silks in the tiniest pieces possible. Eventually it became too tedious. It was technique not art and I wanted to simplify my work. Get back to the message I was trying to convey. The work had become too precious.

But maybe this is why I am so fascinated by these little stripes. I don't know. Anyhow, now is the time for my trusted customers to weigh in. What do you think? Do you miss the more organic wedges that I have been using? Are you fascinated by the wedges? What about the energy of the stripes?


  1. Wow, I don't know about trippy, or traditional, but there is a beauty and a rhythm there that I like a lot!

  2. I love both styles. These are almost op-art (hence the 'trippy' comment, I think), whereas your current pieces are more organic, they have a certain flow. It's just different energy, but aesthetically I really love both.

  3. Thanks so much Carol and Marie. Glad you like both styles.