Thursday, June 14, 2012

a blast from the past

OK--I admit it. I have had it with the movie folks in Shelburne Falls. I could go on. Even be an old curmudgeon about the whole thing.

But it did get me to thinking about what my quilts looked like in the '80's. After all I moved to Shelburne Falls and became a quilt maker in 1981. Back then Shelburne Falls had a movie theater--above McCusker's. We had an artist co-op in one of the long narrow buildings on the south side of Bridge Street. Village Variety. May it rest in peace. And the Food Locker--now Keystone. Also a couple of auto dealerships--one became a bank.  Larry's--how can one forget Larry's/ And two clothing stores that my mom loved. I never shopped there.

Now I don't have all the images of my quilts from back then but here are a few.

As you can tell, I loved the log cabin pattern. Also loved color changes. These were all quilted onto muslin with a polyester batting that was tied in place.

Not to brag, but I remember the first time I did the Smithsonian Craft Show. It was in the Justice Building back then. I had a roommate for the show who made wearable clothing. She was related to someone famous--I forget whom. But every evening she would sit and count her money on the bed. I sold nothing until Saturday night at five when all of a sudden three quilts sold. On Sunday afternoon, I sold out between the hours of four and five. People actually were fighting over my quilts.

Those were the days I guess.

Here are a couple of my early quilts.  Can you see the similarity between them and my current work? This was back when I would get into both the Smithsonian and Philadelphia Craft Shows--of course.


Bet the movie folks don't have anything half as nice to hang in front of my studio tomorrow. But then Shelburne Falls never really was the depressed back water they are trying to make us out to be. And we really and truly did have a drive-in and it was GREAT. Just saying.

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